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    Chelsea (H) ** CONFIRMED AS ON **

    Im now out with covid, sorry guys wont be able to make it….no jokes 😔
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    Chelsea (H) ** CONFIRMED AS ON **

    " Dear Brentford FC, Im happy to play if needed, just cant go in goal", can someone pass this on to the club if they are desperate.
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    Man Utd POSTPONED!

    As I said. Man utd would always get their way. But I don't have all the facts so I'm just going to moan as I'm sure that we would have won quite easily with alot of their players being out. On the plus side maybe we will play them later on in the season when they are back to playing crap. COYBs
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    Man Utd POSTPONED!

    Unfortunately the big boys will get their wishes, they will hold too much power and will throw their weight around. Little old Brentford on the other could be decimated by injuries and Covid and we would just be laughed at for not having a big enough squad and forced to play the match. Its not...
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    Man Utd POSTPONED!

    Wimps. Just afraid of the bees.
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    Signed New Contract Pontus Jansson

    in Banana we trust.
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    Charlie Goode

    Pleased for him. May it continue.
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    GPG Fantasy Premier League

    Just my luck took out pontus and brought in rico in my team. Always the way.
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    Final Score Spurs 2-0 Brentford

    Glad it was over, couldnt listen to Glenn Hoddle any more.
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    Final Score Spurs 2-0 Brentford

    Sloppy so far but tottenham look shaky too. We just look a little susceptible on the counter
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    Team vs Spurs (A)

    Any reason why there is a mid week match this thursday?
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    Final Score Newcastle United 3 Brentford 3 (Toney, Henry, OG)

    What do you expect. We will get the final laugh one day.
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    Final Score Newcastle United 3 Brentford 3 (Toney, Henry, OG)

    Amazing point with all the injuries considered. Get home safe
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    Team v Newcastle

    that didnt last long? brining back steve bruce for the game i hear.
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    Saïd Benrahma (West Ham)

    Scores winning penalty tonight
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    GPG Fantasy Premier League

    Should have a rule you must have at least 4 bees in the team
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    Final Score Brentford 0 Chelsea 1 ( Att 16,940 )

    Heads up lads, well done and well done the fans, great noise.
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    Final Score West Ham 1 Brentford 2 (Mbeumo, Wissa) ATT: 59,889

    Just finds the back of the net, it's been coming, unfortunately. We have to offer a little more going forward.
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