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  1. hitchinb

    Tunes to say farewell to GP

    Farewell to GP seems to be the coming season's marketing pitch, and the exodus is marked on the new kit (and no doubt forthcoming merchandise). I was wondering, should the music played over the (won't be much missed) tannoy system also reflect the move? If so, what tunes do GPGers suggest? I...
  2. hitchinb

    Where's my brick gawn?

    For years my pre-match ritual has been to touch my special personalised brick that was tastefully sited on the (outside, I stress) wall of the ladies loos in New Road. My kids bought it when the club was on its uppers and the bricks were a fund raising exercise. And now it and its companions...
  3. hitchinb

    Birds of passage

    Since we were promoted, the number and variety of visitors from afar has boomed. Of course, with our ties to Denmark, we regularly get Danes so they don't really count - although the group of 35 or so in the NR a few weeks back was notable. Does anyone else have accredited sightings of exotic...
  4. hitchinb

    Bees product placement on TV?

    My elder son tells me there's a new BBC sitcom for the yoof, based in Brentford. He said he watched an episode and there's a scene shot in a little girl character's bedroom which is decorated with BFC merchandise. The kid is later seen wearing a Brentford top. He may have been drinking and...
  5. hitchinb

    Watching Boro match in Nottingham?

    My older son is up in Nottingham and wondering if any other Bees are planning on watching the match tomorrow night in a local hostelry. If so, where?
  6. hitchinb

    "Gus, me and the Bees" - you might enjoy reading

    Bit self-indulgent but so the kids and - one day - maybe grandchildren can read it and understand, I've published on line a few pages about: going to GP with a ghost; how the Bees saved my sanity; what it all means. If you have a few minutes to spare, you might enjoy it. You can read it by...
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