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  1. Edmundo

    Colin has coronavirus Can't imagine anyone fancies playing Boro right now!
  2. Edmundo

    Gone Elsewhere Rob Dickie (Oxford U to QPR)

    24 year old centre back who has been linked with Brentford, QPR, Nottingham Forest, Reading, Middlesbrough, Burnley, Southampton and Leeds United.
  3. Edmundo

    IFollow email from WBA/EFL

    Has anyone else received an email from EFL like this: I have never signed up for any other club’s iFollow.
  4. Edmundo

    Any Sydney (or Australia) based Bees fan ...

    ... interested in my spare copy of The Big Brentford Book Of The Seventies? Free if you can collect it from me. Otherwise I will post if you pick up the cost. Alternatively would swap for a copy of the 80s version.
  5. Edmundo

    Joe Hardy

    Joins Liverpool for an undisclosed fee.
  6. Edmundo

    FT: Brentford 3 (Jeanvier, Maupay, Benrahma) Frank Lampard's Derby County 3

    Henry back. Oksanen on the bench.
  7. Edmundo

    The cancer of racism in football

    This is a very depressing read. It seems that the football authorities have a long way to go before they are serious about eradicating this problem.
  8. Edmundo

    Champagne moment at the Riverside

    Has to be Romaine's pass in the lead up to the winning goal. I could spend all day watching that!
  9. Edmundo

    Bees v Blackburn Rovers Match Reports & Reaction

    Here please.
  10. Edmundo

    Bees v Canaries Match Reports/Reaction

    Here please.
  11. Edmundo

    Hull City v Bees match reports and reaction

    Here please.
  12. Edmundo

    WBA v Brentford Match Reports and Reaction

    Here please. Game of two halves.
  13. Edmundo

    Bees v Millwall Match Reports and Reaction

    Three hard won but ultimately deserved points against a team of giants whose sole tactic seemed to be to keep the ball at least eight feet in the air! Benrahma and Sawyers the two stand outs for me, but have to congratulate the defence and keeper on a clean sheet.
  14. Edmundo

    Leeds (A) Match Reports and Reactions

    Here please.
  15. Edmundo

    Bees v Birmingham match reports and reaction

    here please
  16. Edmundo

    Bees v Reading Match Reports and Reaction

    here please. Pretty happy to have got something out of this game, given that we (or should I say, Dan Bentley?) gave them two goals. We need to avoid being dragged into the niggly stuff, as it disrupts our game. Reading did this to us cleverly, but at least the ref was alert enough to add the...
  17. Edmundo

    Bees v Gooners Champagne Moment

    Judge's goal. Obviously.
  18. Edmundo

    Arsenal v Brentford Match Reports

    here please
  19. Edmundo

    Live streaming the Arsenal match

    I'm looking to do this via IPTV, but I need to find a channel that will be showing the match live. So far I've drawn a blank, so if anyone has any useful info on this, it would be very much appreciated.
  20. Edmundo

    Ipswich Town v Bees - reports and reaction

    Here please.
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