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  1. mk1965

    Limited edition memory photo

    Did the tour, some seats were already removed and the tarpaulins still over seats so photos from my particular area not possible. Good customer service and communication isn’t much to it?
  2. mk1965

    Limited edition memory photo

    Ordered 29th Sept, no mention that they were waiting until after the closing date 16th Oct to process. Poor communication along the way.
  3. mk1965

    Limited edition memory photo

    Poor to say the least, of a mind to just cancel my order!
  4. mk1965

    Limited edition memory photo

    Had a reply back earlier this week that all orders will be processed after 16th Oct and dispatched next week.
  5. mk1965

    Roy Woolsey RIP

    Dad worked with Roy and would sometimes meet on match days on New Road but we never knew when we’d see him. Only just recognised him from the photo. Dad always called him Worcester as their boss always got his name wrong so the nickname stuck. Sorry to hear the sad news, RIP Worcester and...
  6. mk1965

    Book Your Visit To GP! More Tickets Available

    Did the guided walk today, GP definitely showing signs of wear and tear. Pleased I did it and having taken the opportunity to visit Lionel Road today can’t wait to finally start new memories in our new home 🐝
  7. mk1965

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Not as smooth as it should be 😉
  8. mk1965

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    How’s the cue action, it’s all about the cue action 😳
  9. mk1965

    Fulham vs. Brentford Room Service Champagne Moments

    Harry Arter appealing for offside against Valencia in the build up for the second then realising he was last man and there were two Bees players behind, cue panic...too late 😂
  10. mk1965

    LockDown MeetUp Episode V: Andy Scott (Now with Catch-Up Video)

    Burger, with onions. We all know who threw it 😉
  11. mk1965

    Birmingham (A) Champagne Moment

    Not holding out much hope either
  12. mk1965

    Birmingham (A) Champagne Moment

    I was also one of those almost hit by this lunatic. Spoke to a police officer afterwards who had been writing down the registration so hopefully this will be followed up and the driver dealt with. A lot of people could have been hurt.
  13. mk1965

    Brentford vs Middlesbrough Champagne Moments

    Northampton Mafia encouraging the referee to ensure that the throw was taken down by the corner flag (which he duly did ) and not 15 yards away :)
  14. mk1965

    Christian Nørgaard - Extends to June 2024 (+1yr option)

    Superb today and set up Ollie's winner
  15. mk1965

    Hey Jude Pre-match

    Think it was turned up to drown out any noise coming from our visitors.
  16. mk1965

    2020-21 Season Ticket Sales - Progress Updates

    Has anyone had money back through the ticket exchange and had it discounted off next seasons ST?
  17. mk1965

    Season Ticket Sales Process at New Stadium

    Likewise, can’t be long as 8 years ST holder and over 4400 TAPS, plus there’s about 4 of us in the same category.
  18. mk1965

    Swansea City (H) Boxing Day - Live on SKY TV 3pm ko.

    Put my ticket on the exchange, still waiting for news if it’s been sold on.
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