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  1. stoney04


    i need two direct drive turntables in good condition, a mixer, amp and a decent speaker
  2. stoney04

    SAS Team 2012

    Neil Hutchinson Paul Stone Marcus Gayle Chris Adams Pat Madigan Paul Davis Mark Chapman Glen Poole Jamie Randall Benn Butcher Carl Hutchings Steven Green Ijah Anderson Gus hurdle Jim mcgeoghan Mb bee Junior Lewis Martin Harris Jamie Harris
  3. stoney04

    The Premiership and its doubters!

    Serioulsy, after yesterday and the season the prem offered this year, anyone who doubts that league or doesn't want us to ever be part of it, you need to find another sport to enjoy! End of ;)
  4. stoney04

    Auction Item Division 3 Championship medal

    We have obtained this great item that will be auctioned privately on here, OS and facebook. who would like to start the bidding?
  5. stoney04

    SAS 2012 team

    The 17 have been selected and now waiting on confirmation. So please no more request via PM if anymore places. We will be keeping with our SAS ethos and sticking to practically the same side as last year for the exception of maybe one or two due to unavailbilty, but these will be taken up by...
  6. stoney04

    Connor Whipp Appeal-Auction for England v Ukraine-Club Wembley Tickets-Sept 11th

    To help reach the target of £250,000 I have obtained 2 Club Wembley tickets for England v Ukraine on September 11th 2012, worth at least £400, so i'll be holding an "Auction" for these on here, as well as on facebook, this auction will close at the "Charity Game" being held on Sunday 20th May at...
  7. stoney04

    what direction is the club going in?

    I place this post in hesitation due to the respect i have gained over the last couple of years for certain people at the club, especially in the way that they have been trying to be in touch with us the fans more. But as an overall, personally i feel and have done for some time were stale at...
  8. stoney04

    MK Dons Away

    Any train deals on this?
  9. stoney04

    Job Please

    Been out of work since mid november and has been the longest i have in 13 years or so, if you know of any thing please email me at and il send you a cv ta lads
  10. stoney04

    were ere were there were every where!

    got a frendly hello on bondi beach this week saying how nice it was to see another Bees shirt in sydney!
  11. stoney04

    Orient submit to play at the olympic stadium

    Orient submit to play at the olympic stadium rofl
  12. stoney04

    Hillsborough report

    where do you stand on this, ive never quite got it! yes the police should never have opened the gates but then surely the fans turning up without tickets were old enough to the knowledge that grounds have a capacity for a reason and where did they all expect to be fitted in?! who were we home...
  13. stoney04

    Bees V Aldershot Programme tues 27th jan 2009

    anyone want this free of charge! inbox me your address and ill send it today to you, 1st come 1st served!
  14. stoney04


    if anyone owns a company and has flyers posted through residential doors and looking for someone to do this for them contact me!
  15. stoney04

    Hospitality for this fridays game V Stoke

    I have joined forces with Hamilton Gibson Events and would like to invite you to join us on Friday 22nd July 2011 for the pre-season friendly between Brentford FC v Stoke City FC at Griffin Park, 7.45 kick-off. We are offering you exclusive pre-match hospitality in the luxurious restaurant San...
  16. stoney04

    Copa America

    i saw the brazil pens, now there is a call for match fixing!
  17. stoney04

    Charlie to MK Dons or AFC Wimbledon?

    what do you think on this, personally be a good move for him and us if we get money for him?
  18. stoney04

    loan shark

    anyone know one i need 20k asap
  19. stoney04

    The Bees

    Where does this come from for us?
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