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  1. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Negotiating Christian Eriksen

    Won’t go to Spurs unless Conte leaves. I think he’ll stay for another 6 months at least. He’s well settled with us and no point in mucking up his preparation for the WC in the Autumn. Here’s hoping Denmark win it, CE scores the winner (with assist from Jensen), has nothing more to prove so signs...
  2. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Final Score Brentford 1 (Canos) Leeds United 2 Att 16,957

    Modern football mate. Just think of the Fast Show footy fan with the hamper. Bloke next to me (retired chap) is a STH (and London Irish too, love him) never went to GP, wouldn’t know a decent player or move from the hole in his arse. Really has no idea; sits down all game, quiet as a mouse. I’m...
  3. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Final Score Brentford 1 (Canos) Leeds United 2 Att 16,957

    I love the guy with a passion but sorry Sergi you really are a stupid ***** 😔
  4. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Championship 21/22

    They did fall apart Squelch, but scraped through. Shame. There can’t be a more detestable goalie than Samba in the league. Everything crossed for Huddersfield here 🤞
  5. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    I wish I supported the club this chap is talking about
  6. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Mathias Jensen

    Spot on. Had a good game. Why was MOTM not awarded? Or did I miss it?
  7. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Final Score Everton 2 Brentford 3 (OG, Wissa, Henry)

    Might have been that they didn’t kick the ball out when our player was down injured after Erickson did the decent thing when their‘s was. Scouse ***** !!!!!
  8. Andy_Mc_is_God

    FA Cup 2021/22 Final Kick-Off 16:45

    Years ago maybe but not anymore. It’ll be midweek soon 😒
  9. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Leeds (H) - Special Security Arrangements

    I had a similar problem earlier in the week but it got well sorted be the excellent bloke in the box office.
  10. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Thomas Frank Nominated for Manager of The Season

    Forwarded it to Mrs Andy Mc for her to do the dutiful. She was disappointed that she couldn’t vote for ‘that Chelsea manager’. She thinks he needs cheering up 🤣
  11. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa)

    And then have all three on the bench 😞
  12. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    !!!!! SHOCK HORROR !!!!! Intelligent, reasoned post from football fan that supports Leeds
  13. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Preparing for the Premier League Part II

    + Bryan But please don't tell the missus that I said that :(
  14. Andy_Mc_is_God

    “Champions” League

    Exactly the same here Hippo. Used to be special but not any more. Sorry if I upset people here but I just wish they’d fckd off to the ESL and left us other 86 clubs to get on with it.
  15. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Teams that cannot finish above us 2021/2022 edition

    Not quite DJ. If Leeds beat us 5-nil on the 22nd and we lose 7-nil at Goodison ALL Leeds have to do is beat both Chelsea and BHA by 5 clear goals. But don’t worry untowardly as Leeds have only average one goal/game over the whole season. :whoosh:
  16. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Champagne Moment Champagne Moment v Southampton (H)

    Rico’s dribble, pass and run from the right back position in the first half that eventually ended up with he getting pushed over and the Soton player getting booked. What a player 🥰
  17. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Mathias Jensen

    A win and a clean sheet 😱😱😱 Are you positive it was MJ playing? We never win when he starts. I have it on very good authority that he gave his shirt to a thirteen year old girl in the East Stand just before kick-off.
  18. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Ex-Bees who have succeeded as managers

    And Brian Turner was assistant coach for them in the 2010 World Cup 🥝
  19. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Teams that cannot finish above us 2021/2022 edition

    Good pound Gumboselfish. I was thinking/hoping things had changed but obviously not on the evidence of yesterday’s game and the torrent of stuff lobbed at Grealish etc I don’t particularly like the bloke either but there’re boundaries. The FA should stamp down hard? :unsure:
  20. Andy_Mc_is_God

    Mathias Jensen

    Hope Mathias is OK after Saturday. Must’ve gone home absolutely gutted. Puts in an absolute rock-solid performance and sets the foundation for a historic win only for Ivan and Bryan to miss absolute sitters in the last minute 😡😡😡 T*ssers. Thankfully there’s a couple of extra days until the next...
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