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  1. longdistancebee

    Rotherham: a health warning

    A good friend of mine is (sadly for her) a regular at the MadStad, and having been there on Tuesday evening to see Reading play Rotherham, she commented that it is very clear to see that Rotherham are a Warnock team. Good old Colin has them using all the usual tricks - elbows, sly kicks...
  2. longdistancebee

    Walking We Are United - Paul Hodgkinson

    Whilst having a swift half in my local last night, i got chatting to a chap in there called Paul Hodgkinson. He was just passing through and fancied a pint, and his story is interesting. On the 30th April this year he began a charity walk to cover all 92 league grounds. He is walking for the...
  3. longdistancebee

    Old programmes

    Not sure what forum this should be in - mods would you kindly move accordingly - but i have unearthed a few old home programmes and would like to pass them on to benefit the club. Does anybody sell these on and then give the money to the club? I dont have many - about 15 at last count, but i...
  4. longdistancebee

    What next?

    There are numerous threads on the match yesterday and on individual players, but may I start one to corral in all of that, and consider what we do now. The mods may consider this duplicate and delete it, but I think there are now some big questions to answer as to how we should now move...
  5. longdistancebee

    Strevens's injury

    Updates please. I just cant believe our fvcking awful luck with strikers. Is it correct that he went off in an ambulance? Please let it just be a precaution. :-(
  6. longdistancebee

    Ron Fenton

    Ollie Mansley joined at the same time as Ron Fenton. Nicky Fenton has scored against us (when he played for Notts County, i think) - is he Ronnie's son? Either way, Ollie Mansley made his debut for us, i think against Bradford City?
  7. longdistancebee

    In defence of Leroy

    I am a bit disappointed at the increase in slagging that LR seems to be getting now that Fitz is begining to enjoy some success. In fact, the slagging seems to be in direct proportion to our points growth. :nono: LR tried and failed - simple as that. He is not a Wally D, who WAS a total...
  8. longdistancebee

    Julian Baudet

    Notts County back four man and captain. Seen him a couple of times this season and not bad. Not brilliant, but not bad. Watch this space...... ;)
  9. longdistancebee

    A Brave New World

    I am concerned about the piece on the O/S regarding DJ’s transfer to Blues and Calum Willock joining from P’boro. Aside from the horrendous prospect of actually having to support Birmingham City until the end of the season, I am unhappy about the ‘transparency’ that has been brought about by...
  10. longdistancebee

    DJ: Good business threads (merged) - inc Greenholme's rant

    Lets look at a balance sheet after yesterday’s events. On the positive side: * We have got half a million quid for a player we paid £5,000 for barely six months ago. Not a bad bit of business. (and yes I do know we have to give Yeading a bit) * Steve Bruce has paid out half a million quid for...
  11. longdistancebee

    Mick McCarthy - top man

    Seeing his interview on Sky Sports - full marks. No feeble excuses, no 'heavy-footed lower-league cloggers', just a straightforward 'we got beaten by the better team on the day'. Go well Mick, and I hope against hope that the Macems survive. :sorted:
  12. longdistancebee

    Are Huddersfield really Brentford in disguise??

    Their last few seasons have been very 'Brentford': looking good then disappointing at the last minute. But last night just struck me as a very typical Brentford moment. Lying third, both clubs above them with games cancelled, chance to go top by a point if they win, at home to a pretty...
  13. longdistancebee

    Turner to Reading?

    A pal of mine who is well in the know at Reading told me this afternoon that a deal was done last week to take Turner to Reading in the January window. Partly Coppell likes him anyway and partly they need cover for Sonko when he goes to the African Nations Cup. My pal is normally quite...
  14. longdistancebee

    BFC's Website Down?

    Is it just me or has the O/S been down all day?
  15. longdistancebee

    MA and strikers

    Just got back and looking at other scorers. I have said it before and will say it again, MA is no judge of striking talent, and what make a good striker. He needs to recognise this and bring in someone else to do this. A bit like having a specific goalkeeping coach. Three lads who were...
  16. longdistancebee


    We still seem to be having appalling luck with injuries. Can anybody update these, being the current list as I see it: Rhodes / cruciate. Maybe back sometime within the next few weeks, but from what little MA has let slip, probably not a first teamer again until close to Christmas, I reckon...
  17. longdistancebee

    BIAS / BU

    I was idly surfing the BIAS website and came upon the bit that says, “Some would argue that since the establishment of a Supporters Trust (Bees United) at Brentford, the role of an Independent Supporters Association has become redundant….”. I then could not remember the specific and formal...
  18. longdistancebee

    Steve Stone released

    Pompey have released Steve Stone, not offering him a new contract (he is a tad miffed too). OK so he is 33, but he could give us some serious crossing ability, with only really Tabby doing it right now, and then not always.
  19. longdistancebee

    Neale Cooper gone

    Guess others have seen it too but breaking news on Sky, plus also on various 'Pool and other websites. Reading between the lines it looks like it is as a result of their 3-1 home stuffing by Walsall on Saturday, but hard to say if he jumped or was pushed. Doubt it would have been the latter -...
  20. longdistancebee

    Promotion not vital?

    I do not believe that promotion is vital, or rather, that if we dont go up, or even dont get into the play-offs, then I do not believe that there should be a mass slashing of wrists. We are in no way equipped to compete in the second tier (whatever they are calling it this week) and as it is at...
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