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  1. Bengeo Bee

    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    Yeah, but only because the penny has finally dropped that his real name is Rodney. :D
  2. Bengeo Bee

    Today my "other team" will be.....

    Sheffield United. Absolute indifference to the plight of either club, but have you seen Forest's kit? They deserve to be relegated to the Notts Senior League, bottom division with a points deduction, for having the audacity to wear THAT in public. I've seen some sights in my time, after all I'm...
  3. Bengeo Bee

    Non Brentford Games Attended 2021-22

    Hertford Town (0) 0 AFC Dunstable (2) 2 Another walk down to Hertingfordbury Park for the last game of the season. The atmosphere was more subdued than last week. The absence of any local rivalry, the fact that there was nothing riding on the outcome for HTFC and the weather all contributed to...
  4. Bengeo Bee

    Champagne Moment Watford (A) Last Laugh Fiesta

    Blimey, Bogsider! Never have I seen a post on the GPG in which the written words were so comprehensively undermined by the sentiment behind them, and yes, I do understand irony. If I've got this right, what you were saying is: Brentford are an irrelevance and your Dad is bigger than my Dad...
  5. Bengeo Bee

    Non Brentford Games Attended 2021-22

    Hertford Town (2) 3 Welwyn Garden City (0) 1 Not a bad afternoon, all things considered. Relegation threatened Hertford comfortably outplayed promotion chasing WGC to lead 2-0 at half time. Two well worked goals were the difference when we paused for tiffin, with a limited threat from the...
  6. Bengeo Bee

    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    Shame I'm not technologically adept to isolate and post this comment from Jules: West London is Black and White today. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Jules. The simpletons simpleton.
  7. Bengeo Bee

    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: No mirrors in Burnley, then? And the Self Awareness classes that used to run in the basement of the local Zorastrian Church don't have been withdrawn due to lack of punters. Poor loves. Be sure to give our regards to Rangers, won't you?
  8. Bengeo Bee

    Christian Eriksen

    Wow! What a player. Christian and everyone involved in his signing, even the work experience office bod that printed off his contract, deserve a place in the Hall of Fame. Don't get me wrong, I know its not job done just yet, but this man has been a revelation. I'd more or less given up on...
  9. Bengeo Bee

    Bees 5 - Sheff Wed 0 (7th March, 2020)

    Nearly didn't come. The ex Mrs Bengeo had been diagnosed with terminal cancer some time before and the plan was to visit her in the hospice before going onto the game. I knew what had happened as soon as the phone rang at 7am that day. Whilst we weren't destined to be together forever, she was...
  10. Bengeo Bee

    Did they really play for us?

    Hope I'm not imagining these two: Ron Harris Ian Holloway
  11. Bengeo Bee

    Ivan Toney

    And a class human being. As disloyal as I feel to the Terry Johnsons and Roger Crosses of this world, he is becoming my favourite ever Bees player, and not just because of his goalscoring prowess.
  12. Bengeo Bee

    Non Brentford Games Attended 2021-22

    Where do I start?
  13. Bengeo Bee

    Weird Things that have happened this week in football?

    Whilst watching the first half of the Fulham v Bournemouth game on TV, I heard the home support.
  14. Bengeo Bee

    Things that have disappeared from football matches

    Sitting here watching West Ham v Bolton from October 1980 on The Big Match Revisited. During the first half Mike Walsh takes out Pat Holland with a "robust" challenge that results in a WHU free kick. No histrionics or theatrics from PH, in fact Walsh goes over and offers his hand, which Holland...
  15. Bengeo Bee

    Final Score Bees 3 (Pinnock, Janelt, Wissa) Liverpool 3 Att: 16,876

    An excellent choice. Thats what I want for my birthday, too.
  16. Bengeo Bee

    Woody is a Bee!!!

    Threads like this make my heart swell with reflected pride. Woody, Ryan, Ollie and all associated with this uplifting tale: Bees legends and wonderful human beings that I can only aspire to emulate. We could support other teams, but why would you? WHY?????
  17. Bengeo Bee

    Brentford vs Arsenal Champagne Fiesta Moments

    Una Paloma Blanca. Always did it for me.
  18. Bengeo Bee

    My Dad.

    Condolences Horsham. Through personal experience I can assure you the grief eventually dissipates. The sad memories are soon superseded by the good ones. The memories of my Dad make me roar with laughter much more more than they make me cry these days. And believe me, there's plenty to cry...
  19. Bengeo Bee

    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    Is this the right place for this missive? I don’t know. Am I gonna ramble? You bet. Those of an easily bored disposition: Look away now. But what the hell is all this big team stuff? I grew up in Ealing, WEST Ealing, not the posh part. And the arse end of that as well. Gurnell Grove to be...
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