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  1. Kettering Bee

    Lewis Gordon (Unattached)

    That’s a shame. I thought he might kick on after signing from Watford, but obviously hasn’t.
  2. Kettering Bee

    Rico Henry

    Gareth likes Crystal Palace players. Surprised he’s left Mitchell out, tbh
  3. Kettering Bee

    Freed From Desire Dump

    It’s the original mix, isn’t it?
  4. Kettering Bee

    Travel Southampton (H) ***Massive Train Disruption***

    Yep, terminating at Bedford and replacement bus to Hitchin
  5. Kettering Bee

    David Johns RIP

    Rest in peace
  6. Kettering Bee

    Travel Manchester United (Away)

    Haha, it’s just a change of train.
  7. Kettering Bee

    Travel Manchester United (Away)

    Via Nottingham, for me
  8. Kettering Bee

    European opposition (a) Preseason - Matches on 16/07, 19/07, 23/07

    I think Braunschweig aka Brunswick is closer. Don’t know if there are UK flights, though.
  9. Kettering Bee

    Brentford v Spurs Sat 23 Apr 17:30 (Confirmed Sat)

    So, it hasn’t been confirmed, yet?
  10. Kettering Bee

    Tickets Chelsea (A)

    So, are the tickets we have already purchased, valid?
  11. Kettering Bee

    Sergi Canós

    Really good today. Gave it everything he’s got. Some mistakes, but not many.
  12. Kettering Bee

    Christian Eriksen

    Different class. He can see things that very few players can see. And he’s a 🐝
  13. Kettering Bee

    Josh Dasilva

    We played 433, today.
  14. Kettering Bee

    Travel Leicester (A) ***Train Issues*** - Now 20th March 2pm

    What is putting people off travelling from St P? Is it the 45 min replacement bus between Luton and Bedford, or the price. Journey time of 2.5 hours doesn’t seem that bad for a Sunday.
  15. Kettering Bee


    Tis a pity that the extra, fast trains don’t stop at Vauxhall. VX is a busy interchange for those of us using St Pancras, Kings x or Euston.
  16. Kettering Bee

    Everton (A) FA Cup R4 Sat 5th Feb 15:00

    10:04!!! Have they pushed the kick off back? Night game?
  17. Kettering Bee

    Everton (A) FA Cup R4 Sat 5th Feb 15:00

    See you at Crewe👋🏼
  18. Kettering Bee

    Everton (A) FA Cup R4 Sat 5th Feb 15:00

    Be careful, mate. He plays that to prepare for full psycho mode. If you hear it today, you will have to make a decision on whether should you stay, or should you go.
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