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  1. Kettering Bee

    Dilemma: What to wear for our Premier League Debut?

    Been some difficult decisions for this one. Especially as the weather is so changeable. Decided to go for understated. French Connection shirt, slim fit jeans, red, white and black bar pattern socks from Win or Lose and traditional Classic Collection brogues from Barker of Northamptonshire...
  2. Kettering Bee

    What will you be wearing to Colchester?

    I'm struggling, can't find anything to wear. The weather's looking unsettled, which makes it even more tricky!
  3. Kettering Bee

    What will you be wearing to MK?

    Following on from NB's comments about wearing replica shirts and seeing Fencer without his lucky coat, I've been thinking about dress code selection for Monday. I've got a brand new Michael Bastian polo shirt, which I'm thinking of giving its first road test. The weather doesn't look...
  4. Kettering Bee

    Warbs on the box

    Apparently, Warbs is coming up live on SSN in the next hour.
  5. Kettering Bee

    Time to salute the people running this football club

    I sense that we are very close to doing something special and we could get promoted this season. Uwe et al seem to have made fantastic preparations for success. Like many, I was getting nervous during the meticulous search and subsequent appointment of new manager. I now think it's time to...
  6. Kettering Bee

    Big Tel - Aviva Advert

    This may be old news and I may be late to the party. I have tried a search and can't find anything on here, but has anyone else seen the Aviva advert featuring someone who looks a lot like Terry Evans doing bicep curls? I'm sure it's him.
  7. Kettering Bee

    Who will be the first Brentford player to wear a snood?

    I've missed the last two games, so I might be too late with this. Anyway, my Money is on Sammy Saunders.
  8. Kettering Bee

    Chris Beanland?

    Anyone else see a double page article about London's sports bars by a freelance hack known as Chris Beanland that appeared in this evening's London Lite? In his review of the Sports Cafe, Beanland writes: "There's space for 803 people here. That equals 800 normal people, plus the entire...
  9. Kettering Bee

    Anyone remember a Bee called Casey?

    Haven't seen him for ages. A big aggressive bloke. I believe he came from that rubbish up the road. The last I heard he had gone back to W12 and was wearing hoops again. Anyone know whether this is true, or just another rumour?
  10. Kettering Bee

    Champagne Moment v Accrington

    On the way up, after stopping at Stafford services. On returning to our car, NorthamptonBee got confused and attempted to get into an unknown random person's vehicle. lol Coincidently, the random turned out to be the nephew of former Bee Alan Nelmes.
  11. Kettering Bee

    Willock, Rhodes, Peters and Pinault

    were their usual crap today. Please don't read anything into Beesworld hyping them up, a nothing game where we thrashed and theses bods are surplus to our needs next season. These are the words of Northampton Bee!!! He's using my account. Personally, I like Peters, quite like Rhodes, quite...
  12. Kettering Bee

    Even the weather's starting to look good!

    Looked at the BBC weather forecast for Bournemouth (Saturday) a couple of days ago and it was predicting rain. Just checked again and it has now changed to sun! Good news for those of us in the south stand. We're gonna do this, so Hunsbury Bee get ready for the skinny dipping lol
  13. Kettering Bee

    Bournemouth - we make our stand!

    This is where we will make our stand - supporters and players together. We haven't come this far just to give it all up! The game has changed. We have no pressure 'cos nobody expects us to do it now. Pressure is what Colchester have for exactly the opposite reason. We go through crap, but...
  14. Kettering Bee

    Bad Vibes

    John Salako wanted to run straight off at the end. It seemed as if MA had to persuade him to go back out with the rest of the team. JS had a face like thunder. Also Sam didn't look too happy at the end either. He applauded the fans, but didn't do his usual run over to the Brook Rd. Any...
  15. Kettering Bee

    Barnet Muppets

    Caught a little bit of the Barnet game on Sky today. Barnet's 15 strong vocal crew sang who the f..k is Martin Allen throughout - Muppets! Let's hope that when we eventually lose Martin that we show a bit of dignity!
  16. Kettering Bee

    Was Mark Kinsella badly out of order today?

    Walsall player down injured so Nelson kicks the ball out of play. Play resumes with throw to Walsall. Kinsella receives the ball. Does he kick it back to Nelson? No, he kicks it out of play in the corner thus putting the pressure on us to get out. This time it didn't work for him but I...
  17. Kettering Bee

    Bee Spotting

    Took my son to play in a footie tournament in Loughborough today. Driving back through L/borough at approx 15:00 and I spot a guy driving car wearing a Bees shirt. Are we getting everywhere??
  18. Kettering Bee

    Message for Gibbo

    Dear Gibbo, I fist saw the Bees in 1963. I cannot ever remember seeing such a great collective fighting team spirit. You guys never seem to give up these days. Can I ask to you to pass on to the other players just how proud you lot are making me (and I suspect many others)just now. Let's...
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