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  1. Jon_S

    Leeds United - General Thread

    Thank you
  2. Jon_S

    Leeds United - General Thread

    Why do Leeds fans sing champions of Europe? Genuinely asking. I don't get it.
  3. Jon_S

    Sergi Canós

    The criticism is that players shouldn't take their shirts off cos they know they'll get booked for it. Importance of goal is irrelevant. It's either a stupid thing to do or it isn't.
  4. Jon_S

    Sergi Canós

    The criticism of him for the first yellow here is OTT. No one here criticised Ivan for doing the same thing against Burnley. I could've sworn I've seen players on other teams not being booked for taking their shirts off this season. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm getting mixed up with previous...
  5. Jon_S

    Negotiating Christian Eriksen

    Plus he said from the the start that he wouldn't make this decision until after the season ended. He's repeated that several times in interviews since. I'm baffled how so many Bees fans keep concluding he would have signed again with us already if he wanted to.
  6. Jon_S

    Leeds (H): Biggest Police Operation & Dispersal Area

    One of the young lads in front of me said Leeds fans were throwing bottles at the pub near Kew Bridge station (I presume The Express) and fighting police, pre match. He was a bit shaken by it.
  7. Jon_S

    Who did all the premier league games then?

    23 out of 38 for me. 18 home, 5 away. Had to miss Man City home due to covid. 2 League Cup games too. Had to miss Chelsea in the League Cup due to covid.
  8. Jon_S

    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    The really bizarre thing about that article is he quotes everything Thomas said. Including huge praise for Bielsa and calling Leeds the best team in the division. To a degree I can understand those who only heard the fear part second hand disliking it. Though not the over the top reaction from...
  9. Jon_S

    People running on the pitch

    Please don't go on the pitch, whatever happens. Let's be better than that.
  10. Jon_S

    Pounds per points - Bees are the best

    Ah, didn't realise that. Thanks for explaining.
  11. Jon_S

    Pounds per points - Bees are the best

    A mate just sent me this. Thought it was worth sharing here.
  12. Jon_S

    Score Centre 2021/2022

    The Everton corruption claims on their forum are embarrassing. There was a campaign against them from everyone and it failed?!
  13. Jon_S

    Freed from Desire - Our lyrics

    It's straightforward. No one changes any words before the Freed From Desire lyric. Then it's "Wissa's on fire/Brentford's on fire Your defence is terrified" x 3 "Wissa's on fire/Brentford's on fire" Then a big "Ooooooh!" Then the "na na na" bit It's about a 50/50 split between people saying...
  14. Jon_S

    Top 5 most unlikeable Premier league players 21-22

    We fans need to apply the pressure on him big time if Forest get promoted. He was losing the plot in that game at GP. He really couldn't handle us calling him out. He could easily get sent off in those sort of circumstances.
  15. Jon_S

    Freed From Desire Dump

    Better late than never. View from the back row of W232 after the West Ham game.
  16. Jon_S

    Favourite image(s) of the season.

    Not as great as the likes of ones from the Arsenal win or those West Ham away and Chelsea away wins. But I still love this one. The unity at our club is so important and wonderful.
  17. Jon_S

    Bradford City Disaster - 11.5.1985 - RIP

    NottsBee already shared the link about how this was clearly an insurance scam gone horribly wrong. I wish there could be some retrospective justice, even if it was just an official inquiry's acknowledgement. The friends and families of the victims deserve that much, at least. RIP to the 56. A...
  18. Jon_S

    A little less Hey Jude?

    I don't mind Hey Jude at the end. Though I'm also fine with new plans. But playing it as the players come out for the second half is overkill.
  19. Jon_S

    Leeds United - General Thread

    Dallas didn't say sorry when he responded about that video. He said it was a bit of fun. Perhaps the key point - he also wished us good luck in the play offs.
  20. Jon_S

    BFC Player of the Season 2021-22

    Norgaard all the way.
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