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  1. Bee Damned

    Section 35 Order in Place at Griffin Park

    That's a section 35. notice, not 55
  2. Bee Damned

    2020-21 Season Ticket Sales - Progress Updates

    The club confirmed to me yesterday, in an email, that they will be taking payment in May. Those that are experiencing financial difficulty are to contact the reservation centre.
  3. Bee Damned

    Ashes @ Oval. One ticket for sale. Friday 13 September

    Is the ticket still available?
  4. Bee Damned

    England - The Ashes 2017/18

    Myself and Tidy are doing all 5 tests so drop me a pm nearer the time and we'll meet up for a few beers
  5. Bee Damned

    QPR away - Monday 27 November - Sky TV - ko 7:45pm

    I'll be watching on the box.....from Brisbane
  6. Bee Damned

    England v Iceland

    Congratulations Iceland. No more needs to be said right now.
  7. Bee Damned

    Bees v Middlesbrough -The biggest games in all our lifetimes.

    Stuck in Dubai working and gutted I'm not at GP tonight but I'll be back for Wembley😊
  8. Bee Damned

    Warburton & Benham: Summary and Analysis

    Michael Laudrup lined up take over, after snubbing the ra ra's last week???
  9. Bee Damned

    The F.A. Cup 2014/15 (R3: Bees v Brighton - 3/1/15 3pm KO)

    One minute the club are being heavy handed and even banning Bees for celebrating on the side of the pitch and now this.:nono: Are these special rules only in place for todays game :confused:
  10. Bee Damned

    Lionel Road - Awaiting CPO Appeal Result - as of 26/2/16

    Fantastic news and a massive thanks to all those who are working tirelessly to make this happen :sorted:
  11. Bee Damned

    Linda Biggs RIP

    Sounds like a fitting tribute so count me in. I'll call you in a few day's when I'm back from my travels.
  12. Bee Damned

    Linda Biggs RIP

    RIP Linda. You'll be greatly missed at GP.
  13. Bee Damned

    Lille v Everton

    **** off matterface who d'you think you are We got Sawyer We got Sawyer
  14. Bee Damned

    Club accepts bid from Wigan for Adam Forshaw

    Adam, thanks for all your efforts during your time at Brentford.
  15. Bee Damned

    Pubs Refusing To Serve BEES Youths

    If this is confirmed then I can see a couple of the pubs going out of business within 6 months.
  16. Bee Damned

    Prediction vs Bournemouth

    Cherries 1 - 2 Bees
  17. Bee Damned

    Allison Franklin (Nurse Betty) RIP

    RIP Allison.
  18. Bee Damned

    Season Tickets - "5000th ticket sold on 01/07/2014"

    There's only one logical way forward with this and that's a Bees membership barcode tattoo. :cutthecrap:
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