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    Who did all the premier league games then?

    League 18 home, 8 away, 1 cup - most aways for a long time/ever and would have been more if Sky hadn’t messed things up.
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    Leeds (H) - Special Security Arrangements

    A few in the Pilot but all pretty quiet
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    Brentford represent the very best of modern football

    I assume the comments from ‘Banana’ underneath the Times Online version is your good self or is there a doppelgänger?
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    Class of ‘92

    Another photo of them, great to see them all plus Chris Hughton who was in the South stand
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    Final Score Watford 1 Brentford 2 (Norgaard, Jansson)

    Had exactly the same situation, two blokes saying the same “sit where you want” where it was clear they were the only two doing so on this row, they decided to move 😀
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    Likewise had a call from Mark about options for our group who have renewed in S100 but with a desire to move into S101.
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    Tickets Chelsea (A)

    3 in upper tier sorted
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    Any mention of S100 and the Process they are following?
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    Yes I did and he recognised the difference circumstances versus those wanting to move in the West Stand but the process is the same for both situations
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    Latest update on S100 : One of the managers called me this morning and fully appreciated our situation, however we have to follow the same process that has been outlined for the West stand. We have to renew our STs either where we are or in the North/East stand blocks that he advised are...
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    👍🏻 I have spoken to the ticket office with exactly that message and they were very considerate and understanding in their approach, they are going to comeback to me with what options they have. 🤞🏻a workable solution can be found
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    I understand but at point of purchase safe standing was not highlighted as a risk but was for the West stand yet we are being treated in the same manner which isn’t right imo
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    I have received what looks like a standard email with no recognition that I am in S100, I will have to contact the ticket office
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    2022/23 ST Renewal Process (1,100 TAPs plus 10 games)

    I sit in S100 with 8 others and quite like it there but not so sure we want safe standing as we are a mix of old/young. Unlike the West stand which was always flagged as having the potential this was not the case for this block and therefore to be treated the same as those in the West Stand who...
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    Matt O'Riley (Celtic)

    Played very well tonight for a dominant Celtic tonight, he was the year above my eldest at primary school and captained their team to victory at Wembley representing the 🐝 Wembley Winners! | Collis Primary School one that got away 😉
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    Transferring Season Ticket

    I believe they have reinstated the function where you can share STs by email, which is very welcome for those who cannot attend rearranged fixtures or get Covid 👍🏻
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    Are you happy with your neighbours at LR?

    Quite a few of my mates from school days are Chelsea fans but nearly all had their first live football match at Brentford so we were/are their second team. On one or two boxing days in the early 80s I would join them in the away end versus QPR for an 11.30 kick off which was generally mayhem and...
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    Tickets Liverpool (A)

    2 tickets purchased, but didn’t show Liverpool option initially once through the queue but once appeared all very straightforward
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    Dug out bar entry after game

    Was in the dugout until closing last night, really good atmosphere (unsurprisingly) and there was live music with a guy and a guitar which added to the overall vibe, which is a good idea, was this a one off with the music?
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    I don’t normally bother with a half time pint due to the hassle of getting one and then drinking it before the restart but gave it a go last night at the 4 corners bar in the South Stand. All was looking promising until the payment machine for the line I was in crashed and we were told that we...
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