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  1. Markybee

    Kingstonian FC

    :nono: No time for 'A Farcical Club' Wimbledon. For other reasons that we've been over before :)
  2. Markybee

    The Don't Give A Monkeys RWC Thread

    Nor does this chap anymore.... back to the more physical code.
  3. Markybee

    Blackburn Reports and Reaction

    It was the same referee we had against Blackburn at Griffin Park last season - as well as Wigan at home.
  4. Markybee

    TITS Issue 86

    So nothing about a new manager...but you know? :shrug: :scratch: Or have you just had a few and being daft?
  5. Markybee

    TITS Issue 86

    Is it on Twitter? :confused:
  6. Markybee

    Marco Djuricin - Returns to Red Bull Salzburg

    He had a very quiet first half but a superb second. Nearly scored twice and never stopped running, often forcing QPR defenders into hurried and wasted clearances.
  7. Markybee

    Blackburn Rovers - away November 7th

    Nothing compared to Bob & Rose coming down from Scotland each game :)
  8. Markybee

    Tony Cottee 'fears for Brentford'

    He is not an idiot, is he? He seems a decent guy, was a good footballer with a terrific record, no nastiness in him either. These guys have pretty well 92 Clubs to comment on at sometime or other, although you could trim that drastically. They arent' going to be completely ITK with everything...
  9. Markybee

    BeesPlayer to iFollow Migration

    It could well be but we both thought it suprisingly quiet for most part of the game, as did some others around our seating area I talked to afterwards. The Paddock was rocking again like the old days, and Ealing Road looked a great place to be - often we do pick up the noise but on Friday it...
  10. Markybee

    Friday 30th October...QPR

    Well I've just cycled 51 miles in the Devils Punch Bowl Sportive and feel great. I'm sure 90% was uphill too :scratch: No such thing as getting old :)
  11. Markybee

    Man of the Match Brentford v Queens Park Rangers (h)

    B/Player MOTM was Toums. Special mentions to Harlee & Nico. No one less than 7 out of 10
  12. Markybee

    Friday 30th October...QPR

    Showered? at 8.45am. :eek: I'm in work at 6am!! (showered by 5am) Enjoy your day my friend. Lost one of my very best friends to cancer this week and another good friend from the greyhound world passed away yesterday too. Both younger than me, both lovely guys who inspired all they met. Could...
  13. Markybee

    Friday 30th October...QPR

    I want to win this far more than I did Fulham. This confirms me now as 'officially old'. :( (or possibly because I know far more Rangers fans who like to chirp) - If we win, I'll not say a word as we are 'gentlemen fans' :cool:
  14. Markybee

    Bees Have Won More Penalty Shoot-Outs Than Anyone Else

    Think we won won after a 3-3 draw....(were we 2-0 down?) but lost one when JD missed. just seen WP's post :)
  15. Markybee

    John & Joan Hart - RIP

    RIP Joan
  16. Markybee

    Bees Have Won More Penalty Shoot-Outs Than Anyone Else

    Brighton in the JPT...(equivalent) IIRC we were 2-0 in the game too.
  17. Markybee

    Local Journalist Talks About Harlee Dean Story

    :scratch: :nono: Quite the opposite! Big fan :yes:
  18. Markybee

    Charlton away champagne moment

    Hearing the Brentford fans to our right in such great voice. Unity & harmony restored long before kick off - and great support right throughout the game.
  19. Markybee

    Charlton v Bees Match Reports and Reaction

    Dominated after 15 mins. Fans were brilliant, looked more than 1500 from our vantage point and VERY LOUD :cool: Felt sorry for the manager but the last 15 mins from Charlton was dire - it looked like a change was going to be made. 3 good goals and we are now set up for Friday, a game is it fair...
  20. Markybee

    Brentford U21 vs Bristol City U21 - at GP Tonight 6pm ko - Free Entry

    Don't know BUT can't see why you'd need anywhere else open for this.
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