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  1. Markybee

    Player of the Season

    Don't forget to vote for this on the Official Site :) (voting closes next Wednesday afternoon)
  2. Markybee

    Bees v Bolton updates

    No! Sound not on yet...just please remember, even at home to applaud on 31 mins young James Pettifer, Bees fan and school teacher who collapsed at his work and died yesterday, aged just 31.. Win this one for James & family please Bees.
  3. Markybee

    El Classico 22 March...

    Barca in great form now, taking on European Champions Real Madrid - in poor form themselves. Messi & Co to turn on the style. Expect the usual play acting :rolleyes: but brilliance and drama is expected. Greatest derby game in the world. Barca to win please :)
  4. Markybee

    A new UK Racecourse opens on Sunday - CHELMSFORD CITY

    Another new racecourse (all weather) opens on Sunday at Great Leigh, CHELMSFORD CITY. Very good catchment area good people running it. Likely to be a success IMHO.
  5. Markybee

    Trying to find a thread

    It's the comedy one with about Alan McCormack being "so though that" etc (couldn't find it in the search about his name) Can anyone help on this?
  6. Markybee

    Cycle for THE BEES from London to Amsterdam Having been fortunate (there were times it didn't seem that way :D ) to represent the Club in the last two years can I comment that this is an absolutely brilliant opportunity for fans to do...
  7. Markybee

    This seasons top 6 will be....

    Half the season gone, who will be the top 6 teams in your opinion come the end of 2014/15?
  8. Markybee

    Florida Bees

    Writing on behalf of my Dad, who spends a few months in Venice each year....he's a Beesplayer subscriber and listens to most games but He'll be trying to watch the Fulham game on TV - anyone know which station will be covering this?
  9. Markybee

    How many will England score against San Marino

    Will Wembley before the home of an NFL team and our National Team on the road? Has Wembley become totally corporate? Would real football fans turn out in numbers at other stadia throughout England? How many will England score tonight? Anything less than 5 won't please the critics...
  10. Markybee

    Ryder Cup 2014

    So who do you think will win this? The greatest sporting drama to many scribes, Sunday afternoon will be a must "sit down & enjoy". :) Europe should be too strong IMHO, reckon by 2.5 points in all. Good luck to any going to watch it live #bringthenoise :cool::D
  11. Markybee

    Congrats to Andy Lapthorne

    on winning the US OPEN Tennis Title :sorted:
  12. Markybee

    Match 60 - Holland v Costa Rica

    Can see the Dutch winning this easily, though the other QF's have all gone to the wire. Anyone else think along these lines?
  13. Markybee

    Match 59 Argentina v Belgium

    The last big name in the WC, Messi is going to need to be at his very best against a hardworking Belgium team. Could go either way :shrug:
  14. Markybee

    Match 33 - Netherlands v Chile

    This should be a good 'un. :yes:
  15. Markybee

    England v Peru

    Apart from Ian T - any other Bees going to this tonight? I'm looking forward to a good evening there with an England 4-0 win. :cool:
  16. Markybee

    My play off hopes are...?

    Wigan (been there twice and a long trip - be good for Uwe too) - plus they first need to dispose of QPR (essential)...a Wigan/Derby final would be great. Orient (short trip next year, more RS banter, likely to struggle ) Southend :shrug: to be fair, not bothered about Div 2
  17. Markybee

    2014 Greyhound Derby

    Starts tonight at Wimbledon, where it's enjoyed its highest ever entry of 222. Early rounds live on RPGTV (212 on Sky) 401 Freesat. Anyone got any fancies this year? Swift Keith at 12/1 looks absurdly skinny, Holdem Spy at 25's is interesting, recently won the Scottish Derby and is blessed...
  18. Markybee

    Bees v Stevenage Score Predictions

    Bees 5 Stevenage 1 Judge 12 Kev O Connor will get a penalty when he is on the pitch - and will obviously score. On to The Championship in Style.
  19. Markybee

    Brentford FC Cycle Team - Football Club Prostate Cancer Challenge, your help required Last year, despite a very late entry into the Cycle Challenge, Brentford FC could proudly boasts as being LEADING FUNDRAISERS, thanks to the generosity of you, the fans. For 2014 I am doing this again, with Karen, rather than our very own...
  20. Markybee

    Colchester v BEES Prediction thread

    Colchester 1 Bees 5 Trotta 12, Judge 19, Saville 33, Tarkowski 54, O'Connor (Penalty) 85
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