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    Rico Henry Darren Bent has said he would be a good back up to Tierney. I think he will become a better player than Tierney in the future.
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    Rico Henry

    Ball retention is key unless there is a clear opportunity to drive forward, which I think he does well.
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    Rico Henry

    There have been a few beauties he has created over the season but we lacked the finish.
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    Personally, I think he might stay, but the question is, how long? Will he just give us a year to show his appreciation and then walk away, or will it be a three, four or five year contract? He will defiantly go to a so called bigger club eventually, but can we profit from it? He is in my books...
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    Team vs Leeds (H)

    MBS starts for me. Every player in this team has had some sort of brain dead moment i.e Rico against Man U, but we trusted him for the next game against Southampton and he helped keep a clean sheet alongside Mads. Mads looked devastated on sky TV when he was replaced second half, sitting there...
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    Team vs Leeds (H)

    Last game of the season so why are we resting him? Mbeumo can enjoy his summer beach break after this game, for me he starts.
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    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    :LOL: whinging little boy, you mean Joe 90
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    Micah Richards

    Well he can't actually deny that we ain't bang average, he would look like even bigger twit. They will sack him next season when we qualify for UEFA League.
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    Racial Abuse of Brentford Players' Families at Everton

    It was definitely Toffee fan
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    Team v Everton

    Happended :LOL: Sos I will lay of the beers.
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    Team v Everton

    Please not a 3 at the back, look what happended at ManU. 433 please
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    BFC Player of the Season 2021-22

    Out to long for me during the season to get my vote. But what a bloody keeper.
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    Rico don't deserve a song

    How is it, our longest serving player who we are absolutely lucky to have in our squad, who gives a hundred percent every single game in a bees shirt, who have turned out nothing less than a seven out of ten performances all season which we now take for granted. He has committed a further five...
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    NEWS Rico Henry Signs New Contract (till 2027)

    Brilliant, love it, also like the change from AB, perhaps the last line change. Oh Rico, Rico, because Rico Oh Rico, Rico, because Rico He’ll outrun ya, He’ll fly past ya The man is a Beeee
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    NEWS Rico Henry Signs New Contract (till 2027)

    Your absolutely right, though he his from Birmingham.
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    NEWS Rico Henry Signs New Contract (till 2027)

    Deserves a better chant now. This one from Walsall Bee isn't bad: "Rico... rico Henry... He's the best full back in historyyyyy From the 'slum' of walsall. . He got brentford to the premier leeeaaague" Ricooooo Ricooooo Ricooooo
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    Rico Henry

    Definitely deserves a new chant, but not sure about this one. Very harsh on Walsall.
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    NEWS Rico Henry Signs New Contract (till 2027)

    Hold my hands up I was wrong and I am very very very glad I was.
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    NEWS Rico Henry Signs New Contract (till 2027)

    Only one player Adama Traoré and that's no shame.
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    Team vs Burnley (H)

    Oh don't mention that B...E..
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