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    Thought I saw someone that looked like Peter Sissons in Sainsbury's in Sevenoaks once. Turns out it was him. Doesn't get better than that.
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    Papa Johns Trophy 2022/23

    I'm not even sure many L1 & L2 teams want it now. Certainly the attendances in recent years have been shockingly low and it can't even be worth opening the stadium and paying the staff. Sure, it's a good day out if your team makes it to Wembley, but it doesn't seem to have the draw it had 30+...
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    Strong Rumour Vanja Milinkovic Savic - GK Torino

    Think this one may have legs.
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    Suggestion Asmir Begovic (Everton GK)

    I haven't read the thread apart from the title, but I'm pretty confident I can say: "What a stupid f****** thread."
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    Damn it! We're well out of the race now. The Porn bros. have offered to throw in the last 20 years back catalogue of the Sunday Sport and a lifetime's supply of French knickers from Ann Summers for Christian's missus (or for him if he has a secret fetish). They'll even buy him a shed to store...
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    Managerial Moves 2022 / 2023

    Giggs resigns from Wales. Think he knows what's coming next, then.
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    Unlikely Mark Flekken (Freiburg GK)

    Not for a keeper that may be first choice in the next year or two. He could expect another 5-6 years at the top. Plenty young enough - when was the last time we signed a player and he stayed here for that length of time? I think Rico is our longest serving player? Sergi if you count the loan...
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    General Summer 2022 Transfer Window (Brentford only)

    Just for a bit of context... Last year, Onyeka and Ajer were signed around the 3rd week of July. We all know some strengthening is needed, but no need for concern at this early stage. Let's see what the quad looks like by the end of July and then we can display concern or optimism. I am 100%...
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    Justin Cochrane (Head of Coaching)

    Yep - that is word for word what Cochrane said to the interviewer. Unfortunately, because the interview was conducted outside at a breezy Jersey road, each one of those words was drowned out by gusts of wind across the microphone!
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    It does. He knows nothing. Just like everyone else. In an attempt to avoid a 'groundhog day' style post, I would just add that I wonder what CE actually wants with regards to offers from other clubs? It seems to be general opinion that megabucks is not important and CL is not essential (CE has...
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    Jota (Unattached)

    By far the best player I'd seen play for the Bees at the time - some of his goals in that first championship season will rarely be bettered. However: -Followed the money -Poor club and career choices -Waste of a talent in what should have been his peak years. -But he has pots of money. Shame.
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    All But Signed, B Team Yehor Yarmolyuk (SC Dnipro Midfielder)

    This very much has the feel of a BFC type signing. Even if not, it makes a pleasant change from the tier 23 stuff on other threads.
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    Gareth Southgate

    All these posts saying, "I'll judge him after the world cup" make me laugh. He can already be judged on a WC and a EC, where we have made the semis and final respectively. No other England manager has EVER done that. Yes, his tactics are safety first and yes, routes to the latter stages have...
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    Or do we ignore what Talksh*te says, along with 99% of the rest of the guesswork out there?
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    It's clear that no-one knows anything. Less than that, probably. (other than CE - maybe).
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    Espana 82

    Bryan Robson - fastest World Cup goal. Keegan injured & unable to play. Harald Schumacher's X rated tackle! Paolo Rossi's goals. Marco Tardelli's final celebration.
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    General Summer 2022 Transfer Window (Brentford only)

    I have read more rubbish on various transfer window rumours in the past two weeks on here than I care to admit I remember a time on here (not long ago, just before the GPG changed platform) where if you put a link to a website on your post, mods would remind you to actually type on your post a...
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    Saïd Benrahma (West Ham)

    I don't know, but they are all better players than Benrahma and they also have better quality players around them.
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    Saïd Benrahma (West Ham)

    Inclined to agree. Bryan terrifies defender with his pace and movement and he probably has the edge over Said in that area. However, too often, the simple game of football is over-analysed and over-complicated. A forward's 2 main jobs are to score goals or help contribute to others scoring...
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    Unlikely Jesse Lingard

    Honestly, what a pointless thread.
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