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    Remaining PL Fixtures : Bees and those below us

    I posted this in a different thread last week and have updated. Interesting to look at the squeaky bum time coming up, for us and others. Us : Newcastle (H), Norwich (A), Burnley (H), Leicester (A), Chelsea (A), WHU )H), Watford (A), Spurs (H), Man U (A), Soton (H), Everton (A), Leeds (H)...
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    1st half performances

    I touched on this in another thread last night. I don't think we have had a decent first half performance in the league since October. It is not all down to injuries, as there have been some decent 2nd half performances since then (including last night). Our midfield just doesn't seem to exert...
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    Jeff Stelling No Longer Quitting Soccer Saturday and Sky Sports

    Sad to hear Jeff is calling it a day at the end of this season. He announced it live on Soccer Saturday today. Although he is 66 and could retire if he wishes, he says he has no intention to do so. Says it's entirely his decision to go and only has good words for Sky. I find it a bit strange...
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    PFA Championship Team of the Year

    Ivan Toney, Ethan Pinnock and Rico Henry all selected. Well done lads! :hat: 5 Norwich players in the team but none from Watford! edit - it's 6 Norwich players - BBC can't count! Norwich dominate PFA team of the year
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    New Time: Millwall (H) - Sat 17 April 12:30pm

    I would imagine the football programme will be postponed next Saturday, as it has been announced that the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral will be that afternoon. No public access, but I'm sure this will be televised. Could work out well for us - an extra few days for Josh & Rico to get fit (I...
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    'The Press' - Have we been worked out?

    Serious question this. Have we really been worked out (which about 90% of the match threads since Barnsley have said is the case). Or is there another reason we've looked cack for most of the past 3 matches? I ask, because we were all saying we'd been worked out at the end of last season when...
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