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  1. Bigbee

    Roy Syla joins Brentford B
  2. Bigbee

    Team V Bristol City

    Keep momentum with the risk of injury to key players ? Or play as many B team and fringe as possible? I'm with the latter .
  3. Bigbee

    Most Important player to the team

    With Rico and Ivan now out , Pontus , Christian returning " soon " ,Emiliano still out with a bad hair do In descending order , who do you think is the biggest miss ? Here's mine Rico Ivan Christian Pontus Emi
  4. Bigbee

    Who do you want in the cup semi-final?

    Stoke as we have more chance of reaching the final ? Or one of the bigger boys as a glam tie ? And yes, isnt it a shame we wont be there . Though Josh may of heard me yesterday when he scored :)
  5. Bigbee

    Are "NOTTS" Forest possibly the worst team in the Championship? Anti-football out!

    Are "NOTTS" Forest possibly the worst team in the Championship? Anti-football out! How the **** are they in the top six ?
  6. Bigbee

    Bees V Foxes updates

    Brentford: Daniels; Roerslev, Jeanvier, Racic, Thompson; Yearwood, Mokotjo, Marcondes; Zamburek, Valencia, Dervisoglu Subs: Gunnarsson, Henry, Pinnock, Norgaard, Dasilva, Mbeumo, Hammar very inexperienced line up!
  7. Bigbee

    F/T: Blackburn 1 Brentford 0

    strange line up ?
  8. Bigbee

    Bulgaria (0) v (6) England Oct 19

    Hopefully better than Friday.. I see an England fan has died over there
  9. Bigbee

    New B team Head Coach Has someone left ? I thought the other Danish coach bloke had the gig ?
  10. Bigbee

    Zenit St Petersburg

    Maybe we should do this down Ealing rd before the QParse game ?
  11. Bigbee

    What happens if we receive massive bids for our best players in Jan ?

    and we're in the top 2 or 6 ? They'd go wouldnt they and we wouldnt go up . It would be too late for replacements to bed in / and prove to be as good
  12. Bigbee

    Ipswich v Bees Tuesday 18th September

    I didnt realise this was on Sky
  13. Bigbee

    Last nights friendly against Switzerland

    crap ,lucky to beat a team thats used to playing on a mountain side
  14. Bigbee

    Henrik ( Denmark ) V Chris ( Wales ) 5pm today ?

    Thats correct isnt it ?
  15. Bigbee

    Train today

    I thought I might have the odd beer or ten today so Ive pondered the train . I would have to go Fleet to Basingstoke to Waterloo to Brentford . The time table is showing that the trains are every hour from Waterloo ,is that right ? It mucks up the travel plans
  16. Bigbee

    Style of play

    Smith said our pace and power was awesome ( or some thing ) the latter part of the Wycombe game .Are we developing into a team who breaks quickly ? Maybe a bit like Sarri wants to at Chelskie ?
  17. Bigbee

    GPG garage sale

    We're having a big clear out ,open the loo window. . We've loads of bikes for adults and kids , a kids petrol quad .I'll list other stuff when I can remember .If you want a bike or the quad send me a pm and I'll send you a photo of the item .Too many bikes to list .We also have some electric...
  18. Bigbee

    Warehouse job- RG40 4QQ

    There are a couple of vacancies in our warehouse .Mainly packing etc etc .Own transport preferable
  19. Bigbee

    Cheap low insurance run around car wanted

    Trying to help someone find a car for a few hundred quid If you have something or know someone who has please let me know thanks
  20. Bigbee

    MacBook Pro or Air

    Anyone got one to flog ? My kids are starting up webdesign/ marketing business on their own . Also if you want a website done or altered :)
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