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    Parking in The Ham - Car Break ins

    Parked my car in The Ham at 6.30 this evening, came back at 10.00 to find some toe rag had shattered the rear hatchback window to gain access to the boot and stolen my work bag :mad1: Another Bee who was passing told me I was the 4th car he's seen done recently. They're doing a lot of building...
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    Bank Holiday Monday ~ Parking

    LBH want the cash from your wallet. Normal weekday parking restrictions will apply and the parking enforcement officers will be out on overtime. You have been warned.
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    Stephen Hunt / Reading & Neil Warnock

    Just saw Hunty on Match of the day vs Sheffield U Always liked Hunt and thought it a great shame him and MA didnt see eye to eye and that he left BFC as he did. Also good to see him turn up / make the effort at Staines in the pre-season. Making a real impact in the Prem for good and bad...
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    Players' Fund: Pledges

    The club I love and have followed for 34, years since I was 11, is at the cliff's edge as I see it. My son and I attend 12 - 15 games a season (time allowing) at GP. He's an Arsenal supporter (2nd team Brentford) and as a result I now follow the Arse (my new and first ever 2nd team). On...
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