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    Sandhurst, Bracknell and Camberley Area Bees

    Don’t wish to sound like a saddo but it’ll be great to know of other Bees that live around Sandhurst, Bracknell, Camberley areas. None of my mates support the Bees (mostly Slough as that’s my other team) so it’ll be nice to get to know some locals.
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    Watching iFollow on TV etc.

    Hey all, I’ve never purchased an ifollow pass but am tempted to get one for tomorrow’s game. I know I can’t watch it directly on my tv but are there any cheap easy options to get around this? Also is the actual picture quality decent?
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    Hartlepool United v Bees on Sky

    Can anyone recommend any decent pubs that you know will be showing the Hartlepool match this Saturday in or near Staines?
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    Saturday 11th October - Slough Town v Uxbridge

    Evening all, With the Bees not playing tomorrow, why not come along and support Slough Town who entertain local rivals Uxbridge in the British Gas Business Division One South & West division (yes I know bit of a mouthful!). The 'Rebels' are currently 8th in the league and are in great form...
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    Players wages

    Hey all, I've read on here that Owusu earns around £1,800 basic a week, (not sure how true that is) but it would make interesting reading to know what the others are on. Any of you know or have heard 'rumours' what they might be on? :eek:
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