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    Three years ago today, seems like a world away

    On 2 February 2019, the Bees came back from 2-0 down in the first seven minutes to come out as 5-2 winners against Blackburn Rovers.. Photo popped up on FB and when I went back and looked it up, it shows we were living in a completely different world. Only one of the starting 11, Rico, still a...
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    Champagne moment against Leeds

    Shurely its got to be "Does McDonalds know you're here" from the Ealing Road tonight to a certain rather rotund Scottish doughnut? lol That or Sammy Saunders rolling back the years :cool:
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    Goal of the Season 2012/13

    There's been some stunners this season, and Harry's goal against Sheff was a belter. But my money is on Clayton's strike against Pompey, cos it was such a brilliant piece of the team and the crowd showing how flipping awesome we can be. So what's yours? (I know we've still got Sunday to go...
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    Getting nervous already....

    Well, I am. Was enjoying Monday night and then as the beers went down, the nerves kicked in. I'm positive and optimistic and so on about our chances at Wembley. But I'm sh*tting it to the point of distraction too at the moment. Strategies for a positive mental attitude welcome. COYB!!!
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