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    Travel Wolfsburg (away) - 23/07/2022 16:00 (Local time)

    Flights aren't looking too bad right now price-wise, found some £50 return for Hamburg
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    Brentford FC - Fight to Survive (trailer)

    Not my video, but came across it on YouTube. Nice short 'trailer' on our short stay so far in the league. Worth a watch! Brentford FC - Fight to Survive
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    Travel Chelsea (A)

    Gonna be a tricky one this will... But seriously is anyone paying the ridiculous coach price?
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    Ivan Toney saying 'f*** brentford' whilst on holiday

    Login • Instagram Unprofessional, even if drunk
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    Pubs for Play-Off Final

    Hi gpg! I'm not very active on here but thought you lot would know best. Im sadly under the TAP threshold for Wembley tickets, so won't be going. I'm turning to the pubs in the area. It was a rarity for me to visit any of the pubs by Griffin Park so I don't know much about them. This leads me to...
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    20/21 kits on Umbro site

    Anybody know when the kits will be put on the Umbro official website? I have some code and can't wait to get the new home shirt.
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