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    Penalty goal

    Re- watching Mepham’s rugby tackle for the 985th time, it occurred to me that such a blatant act of un sportsmanlike behaviour (cheating) really ought to be more harshly punished. Why not a penalty goal, similar to that which that have in rugby?
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    Pubs in Hayes End showing the game Saturday

    I will be sneaking out of work to watch the game, and don’t really know the area. Are there any bees friendly pubs showing the game?
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    Belgian visitors

    A “casual” pal of mine from Belgium is looking to come over with about 10 of his mates to see a game at GP. Not sure which one yet. Could somebody put me in touch with the Beesotted fellas as Kristoff is a great bloke and I would like somebody to help him and his mates have a proper Brentford...
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    Print at home.

    Bought tickets for today's game but haven't received an email to print them. Ticket office is closed. Anybody know what I am supposed to do with no tickets?!!
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    Guy Whittingham defends Portsmouth fans.

    Apparently the invasion was a non violent celebration of them taking over the club. I take it he had run off to the safety of the dressing room at the final whistle. What a complete arse.
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