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    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    Interesting comment in TFs post match regarding the effect of two games a week on performance levels.Really not surprising and looks like its stats based.We really need to realise we can't play beautiful games every outing and should be getting excited about our start to the season.
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    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    Maybe taking off Henrik was a bit of a crossing the Rubicon moment for Thomas. He's clearly knackered but for me has been the weakest player in the back four all season. Always harder to drop a senior,respected player and captain last night but their goal wasn't the first time he's lost track of...
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    Final Score Latest: Brentford 2 (Janelt, Toney) v QPR 1

    I think it's an improved performance from recent games.Bryan looks more dangerous.Everyone else fairly neat. Defensively getting caught out by pace on the break and think Josh wasted in the quarterback role.QPR unfortunately are better than usual.
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    Diego Maradona

    A football genius and the fact reports of his death still even mention what was admittedly a disgraceful and shameful piece of refereeing says more about us than it does about him.Rest in the peace you were never allowed in life.
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    Post Match Thread Barnsley 0-1 Brentford

    Only caught the second half but against a team doing alright at the moment that was a pretty dominant performance. Liked the improved performances from Sergi and particularly Emiliano who kept things simple. Bryan was having a bit of a sulk but I thought Said was too at the beginning of last...
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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    Honestly ?????
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    Final Score Wycombe 0 - 0 Bees

    Mid table Championship in a year of pandemic is a good base to get better from. A goal from nothing like Rico's at Luton can turn a frustrating mistake fest into a comfortable stylish victory with very little difference in the actual performance of players. Da Silva fantastic again, back five...
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    Final Score Wycombe 0 - 0 Bees

    Bryan and Josh playing them on their own really and despite that should really be well ahead.
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    Wycombe v Bees Predictions

    In this weird season this is a must win. Do I really care? still yes but with football either doing itself to death with 2 games a week or disappearing altogether I'm beginning to think I'd be quite happy to just reset next August and ignore this season altogether.
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    5 subs allowed from this weekend

    Sensible with games every three or four days.Hope we've crunched the numbers and have worked out an improvement on sub at 60, 80 and 90+1 whatever the state of the game.Half each for players close to each other in terms of form?
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    Is Scottish football now completely discredited?

    Really pleased they're are at last enforcing the stay on your line rule, so many crucial 'saves' were illegal in the past. After a period of sulking when saves were ruled out goalkeepers have worked out how to stay legal and still make saves.
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    Brentford and diversity

    If I look at my profession of garden design which is 99% white and middle class lack of diversity is closely tied to elitism.Jobs are given to people you know,people who look like you and to people who can afford to self support while they gain a reputation. As a result innovation is rare...
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    England Internationals

    Drives me mad, can't discuss a player on the bench or manager without the camera lingering on them while a script is read out.Sometimes you can guess where the ball is from where they're looking. Goals are followed by replays from every camera in the ground, eventually you cut back to the play...
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    England Internationals

    Doesn't commentate on the match at all just reads out long anecdotes from his crib sheet. Combined with director showing replays while the games going on just leaves me ranting at the telly.
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    John Egan

    Off with a head injury tonight for Ireland. Remember he had concussion problems with us. On the day of Nobby Stiles' funeral really important players head injuries are not ignored. Rugby has HIAs ,football still seems prepared to let the player decide.
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    Marcus Forss - Signs to June 2023

    It's the Lampard Gerrald problem Ivan and Marcus want to play in the same position, make the same runs and get on the end of the same crosses.They just end up getting in each others way. That said they're both such good footballers that when the wingers aren't clickiing they'll still end up...
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    Vitaly Janelt - Signs to June 2024

    OK missed his big chance on Saturday but great to see a midfielder ,especially from the holding role, getting into that position and really attacking the ball. Reminded me a bit of Dougie.Encouraging.
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    Community Stadium Playing Surface

    It's fine until the temperature drops and it gets a layer of dew/condensation on it.Unfortunately this has happened with about half an hour to go in the last two matches. Maybe the subs could change stud length if this is likely to happen.
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    General General Transfer Discussion

    Right back maybe but with little chance of crowds being back this season it's really just a case of marking time and planning for 2021/22.Fulham and West Brom fans back in the Championship without ever going to a Premier fixture and Brentford in Europe courtesy of the Caribo Cup.
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    Henrik Dalsgaard - Signs to June 2021

    Desperately needs a rest.
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