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    Team v Barnsley

    Interested to see who people pick for potentially our last ever game at GP. I would generally say go for our strongest 11 but i'm not sure it's that obvious. My starting 11 would be: Raya, Dalsgaard, Jansson, Pinnock, Henry, Marcondes, Norgaard, DaSilva, Fosu, Watkins, Benrahma I'm...
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    Football League TV rights Australia 17/18

    I may be going mad here, but I can't see where we would get coverage of the football league this year down under? I know obviously we had Beinsport last year which was pretty good, but have they stopped doing this? Is this potentially because of Ifollow? Apologies if I've missed something but...
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    New Bee Oversea (Australia)

    I will be moving to Cronulla, NSW Australia in 5 weeks time (terrible timing i'm aware) and I just wanted to know what TV package I would have to buy to pick up and possible bees games on TV. I go to most games at the moment so this move is killing me in that sense but i'd like to do damage...
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    Scunthorpe goalkeeper

    I was at the game today but i didn't quite see what all the fuss was about with there goalkeeper, joe murphy, can someone who was at the match actually tell me what all that was about please?
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    Goodbye Tabb, Willock, Fitz, Eddie, NEWMAN, Rankin....

    All these threads for seperate players but lets be honest, all of these players are going in the summer, and its a sad goodbye for Tbb, but i think that to say goodbye to the rest of them, is a possitive move. I think sodje and Turner will now stay having shown that they are still not quite good...
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