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  1. Billy Hunt

    Stonemason needed

    My son's school requires a stonemason to repair a statue. Does anyone know of a stonemason that isn't the company on the Hanworth rd. - they don't appear to want the job. :shrug: Thank you
  2. Billy Hunt

    Player Behaviour Rules Good. I think...
  3. Billy Hunt

    Player of the Season 2015/16

    Hunt jr. received an email (to my email address), today inviting him to vote for his Alan Judge of the season... so he did. How can I vote for my Alan Judge of the season? Thank you, in advance.
  4. Billy Hunt

    Guardian Article on MB and Statistical Approach I'm leaving this thread now, too. My hip hurts.
  5. Billy Hunt

    19th Century BFC Items Donated to Club Cor! :cool:
  6. Billy Hunt

    Ian Redford RIP

    Former Glasgow Rangers, Dundee, Dundee United and Ipswich midfielder found dead aged 53. RIP
  7. Billy Hunt

    Champagne Moment - Shrewsbury Town (away)

    Can't think of much on the pitch........ :scratch: Food was good. Cottage pie, Balti pie and sausage roll all very nice indeed. :tongue: Lots of good stuff happened on the journey there, and back and in the Oak. :drinker:
  8. Billy Hunt

    Brentford Reserves 0 Leyton Orient 2

    Hello It seems daft to start another thread on this but Banana's gone all newsbot and I couldn't reply to his fact-filled post. :rolleyes: How much is it to get in this afternoon? I heard a rumour that it was £2. :confused: Do children get in free?
  9. Billy Hunt

    Newsfeeds - mods only?

    Oi you bunch of ****ers.:wave: Why is it only the Kings and Queens of Geek can laugh at Norwich fans getting home at 6:30am? :nono:
  10. Billy Hunt

    Programmes for Sales

    Hello programme collectors. I have a few odd (friendlies, youth games, etc.), late '80s early 90's Brentford programmes that I hope some of you may be interested in. Many are autographed. I do however need a few more quid to be able to buy a season ticket for myself and my daughter. If anyone...
  11. Billy Hunt

    I love Andy Frampton

    he loves Brentford.:sorted:
  12. Billy Hunt

    BIG signatures ???????

    Hello computer types. :wave: Could anybody please explain to me why all the signatures that appear under people's posts are suddenly HUGE ??? lol :confused: :eek:
  13. Billy Hunt

    TELLY VIEWERS ONLY! Man of the Match v Sheffield Wednesday Play-Off First Leg

    Only vote if you watched it on telly. ;) Oh yeah.....Hargreaves for me.
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