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    Championship Favourites..

    Odds on to lose in the play offs..
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    Does losing to the river rats make it feel worse?

    At least i wasnt coned again losing to them is a killer im still mad the team let me down again big time we were a joke..
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    a quick word for TF for the swansea 2nd leg....

    Im ready for more pain in spain wot ever the outcome griffin park will allways be a part of me my bruv and dad and best mate all bees family..good luck..🐝
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    Swansea v Bees play off 1st leg predictions...

    1.0 to the taffs whos idea was it to play these sh*te games..
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    What are our Chances now?

    One thing i know this club are experts at kicking you in the bolloxs...
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    Own Up

    Not much slleep out here in spain good luck today bees wish i could be there after years of pain..i know one thing dont rely on those hoop *****..🐝🐝
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    Marking our last season at Griffin Park

    Just putting this out here if gp was still in its prime ie the oak still up wot sort of gate would we be pulling in now as for leaving gp dreading it..
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    Brentford v QPR F/T 3-0 (Maupay (p), Benrahma, Canos)

    The king bee thank you neil..
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    Bees v QPR predictions.....

    Bees 3 **** stain club 0..
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    FT: Swansea 4 - 1 Bees (Watkins) Konsa s/off

    Classic mugging taffy *****..
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    Swansea v Bees Predictions

    Was at blackburn the last time we had this shot magic day didnt give a sh*t about the train breaking down good luck bees. 1.1..🐝🐝
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    Non-League Barnet v Brentford GAMEDAY! Vlog

    Big fat loudmouth strikes again..
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    Neal Maupay - (Gone to B&HA)

    Super star neil the best player ive seen pure class..
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    Bees v Blackburn Rovers Match Reports & Reaction

    Nice to see and hear welcome in my book..
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    Non-League Barnet v Brentford GAMEDAY! Vlog

    The song who ate all the pies comes to mind..
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    Non-League Barnet v Brentford GAMEDAY! Vlog

    Good watch fair play to him..wonder what hes like when hes pissed..
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    Non-League Barnet (A) Reports and Reaction

    Brilliant game fair play to the fake plastic bees..
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