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    Suggestion Anthony Gordon

    A highly rated left forward for Everton. He needs games under his belt and could well solve our problem on the left side. This probably goes against our policy of getting players on loans but we have previous good relations with Everton with loans and this could suit all parties.
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    Bees v Birmingham Predictions

    Birmingham finished the season after lockdown poorly and were lucky to survive relegation and must be one of the favourites to go down. I expect us to win tomorrow and can't see them troubling us. I don't think it be pretty but a good but scrappy 2-0 win. Toney and Canos.
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    Expectations for Season 20/21

    Whilst I appreciate there is still a long transfer window not ending until October 16, we play our first competitive game on Sunday. I fully expect Ollie and Said will leave but if we can keep the rest of the squad and add a couple more we will be in good shape. Priority for me is a back up...
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    Stoke v Bees prediction

    4-0. It's in the card. Tonight result will give the team that extra 10-20% boost like Chester did nearly 3 decades ago. Watkins, Said x 2 and Josh.
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    Team v Stoke

    For me it really depends on the result tonight. West Brom don’t win we play the same starting line up as Wednesday except Josh replacing Jensen. If West Brom win then we need to be realistic that WB will beat QPR so I would rest half the team. A tough call I know. I’m sure others will disagree.
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    Brentford v Charlton predictions

    This is the one game in our run in that I am least worried about so this makes me worried I feel like this. Anyway we will be simply too good, I think Charlton consider this as a free hit for them and may make several changes. Impressive 4-0 win without ever getting out of second gear...
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    Birmingham (A) Reports and Reaction

    My first away game of the season and thankful for my mates in the Midlands I was in the luxury of a box. Weather conditions was truly awful. As for the game a really good point. We started slowly and the first 15 minutes it all was Brum. They scored after hitting the post in the first 5 mins...
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    Abdul Qadir

    Sadly passed away today aged 63. One of the best spinners of all time. Used to bamboozled many top batsmen in his prime and had more tricks and variations than any other bowler I saw. A cricketing great and a bowler the was a true magician. My second favourite spinner after Shane Warne.
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    Expectation for Season 2019/20.

    With just over 2 weeks until the season starts but 3 weeks until the transfer window ends what are your realistic expectations for the season ahead? My view is if we can keep somehow keep hold of Maupay and Benrahma and get our midfield scoring more goals, I honestly believe we will challenge...
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    FA Cup Final: Man City v Watford

    I completely forgot it was the FA cup final tomorrow. Yester year this was one of the biggest events in the English football calendar. Really would love it (although not a fan at all) if Watford win tomorrow. Man City and their oil money is everything that is wrong football. The real Man City...
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    Bees v Leeds prediction

    I can't see anything other than a home win. The players will be up for it. 3-1 Bees .... (Maupay x 2 and Sawyers) att. 11797
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    Brentford v QPR Match Report

    Always felt confident we would win before the game. First half was very cagey and largely uneventful. QPR did reasonably well to contain us although we should have scored through Said one on one and Barbet volley was going in before a good clearance. Second half the penalty decision changed the...
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    Brentford v Hull City Match Report

    My first game since Stoke at home. We simply are the best footballing side in the division by far. Only Brentford can beat Brentford. We have a forward line that is the best young forward line in Europe. First 20 mins thought Hull were the better side but once they scored it was just one way...
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    Australia v India - Test Series 2018/19

    4 match test series starts midnight tonight. Surely India have not had a better chance to finally win in Australia. Looking forward to it and see how India's pace attack (whom were impressive in England) perform in Australia. The batsmen need to step up. Shame it's on BT as the commentary...
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    Alastair Cook

    Retires from International cricket. I think the time is right. Sadly he isn’t the player he once was. Great career nonetheless.
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    Blackburn v Bees predictions

    A hard fought 2-0. It may be ugly at times but our class will tell over 90 minutes. Watkins and Said.
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    The Open 2018

    Been watching this most of the day. Tiger was on great form and glad to see him in some form and back in contention. Looking like it will be a great final day. My money is on McIlroy.
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    Expectations for Season 18/19?

    Hopefully not too early. If we keep the squad as have right now although I am expecting potentially one 'big' departure and looking at what signings other clubs in the Championship have made, I would be hugely disappointed if we didn't at least finish in the top 6. I will put my neck out and...
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    Wimbledon 2018

    *MODS couldn't see a thread. Pls merge if there is one* Currently watching the most tedious and longest semi finals match ever. 5th set but the play is so repetitive.
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    England v India T20 and ODI series 2018

    Starts on Tuesday. Personally having no tests matches in England in July is not very English and completely crazy. But the Indian Boys are in town and no doubt will provide a sterner test than the Aussies. England IMO are the favourites for the WC next year and not being biased but can see...
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