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    Fred Corbett

    Interested that the Black Lives Matter seminar stated our first black player was Fred Corbett, who joined us in 1905, and not Chris Kamara. Anyone know Freds history? The team photo in 100 Years of Brentford shows Fred sitting in the front row.
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    FA Cup Win for Brentford WFC

    Away at Swindon in the FA Cup today. Is that the furthest the women have gone for a game? COYB(W)
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    Brentford Womens Team 20/21

    As a great community club it's important to really get behind Brentford Women's Teams. This week Chelsea Women signed Pernille Harder for £300,000 and Brazil pledged equal pay between the men and women's side. Although Brentford Women have along way to go to get to the top of their football...
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    TF on Beesotted Podcast

    Very interesting guest on Beesotted podcast this week.
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