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    iFollow refunds

    Has anybody received refunds from I follow yet
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    Billy hardy music week end

    Something for everybody’s taste, for the fridge stocked and get your requests in three days of music Friday sat and Sunday lunch special in the kitchen our own Brentford d j pus being a hammer what’s not to like .Mods if this is in the section please post to correct one please should put a...
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    Do we need to change our attacking style during a game ?

    Why do we persist in only attacking from the wings ,when the central area goes begging with either more shots on target or one twos with our pace and tricky players to either finish with a goal or penalty .
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    Bees fan on bees fan at Cardiff?

    Sitting a couple of rows behind this discussion /argument between a long wirery haired tall fan and a shorter ginger haired fan who’s comments got each others blood to boil.starting with a comment of that’s a bit harsh .Now I know that the loss of a two nil lead didn’t help with a very poor ref...
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    Fulham (A) ST +3500 TAPS Selling Tues at 4 (Just before Luton game )

    I know it’s a little while away but how are the club going to allocate tickets for this fixture ,.as I asked this morning and the reply wasn’t very helpful . Being the amount going to be available due to building works being the reason for posting this thread so come on B F C explain your...
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    New catering company announced for Lionel Road

    Called levy uk who also hold Tottenham Hotspur stadium under there belt so looks a perfect partnership especially with quicker pints ps thanks Jackie and graham for all your hard work over the years
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    Castle Badge?

    So what year was it first used and where was the badge based on building wise was it the entrance to Gunnersbury park opposite Lionel road or based on syon house building please help
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    Time to open your vocal chords

    Look I’m a old boy whos got the t shirt sit in the paddock and sing my heart out but you peeps in the bramaer need to support our team with your voice ffs sakes one nil up and you struggle to raise your vocals if I’m out of order tell me ps I llove Brentford vocals needed
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    Swansea (Away) Ticket news.

    Get on board needs to be done
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    Time for a new bees song ??

    I think hey Jude has had its day and I was born under the Royal Oak end also so how how would Jerusalem get Griffin park Rockng again feel free to suggest your new theme song ps we need a drum
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    Ticket office ?

    I understand that the offices are moving out of Griffin park ,to new offices nearby just wondering if the ticket office will remain on site at Griffin park or move to the new offices cheers in advance
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    Fixture cards for last season at Griffin park

    I made a enquiry into if the fixture cards where available and was told the club wasn’t doing them for the last season at g/p very strange?
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    Leeds versus bees

    Now surely this is a must go game admittedly it’s a midweeker ,but the atmosphere will be electric as bees go for there second away win of the season get on board lads and lasses coyr
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    Away coach travel

    Why do we need to be a member for coach travel when we are already s/t holders or members just seems to be a unecessary cost unecessary cost
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    Griffin Park - The End of an Era.

    Your best memories of the old girl in full flight nite games or daytime matches Newport , Rangers 6 / 1 or Fulham Boxing Day Man City , bananas or man united youth your choice xxxxxxxxx
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    Photos on gpg ?

    Can someone explain how to put photos upon gpg please
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    Financial gain by clauses put into transfers To other clubs by B F C

    Just what will bfc pick up from players transfered to clubs gaining promotion this season if they wrote anything into hogan and others contracts ?
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    Away strip for next season???

    After our dismill away form is it time to ditch the Jaffa cake strip is it Jinxed ??
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    Transfer targets 2x midfield players and two forwards to any idereplace who we sell

    Any ideas or names here’s hoping it’s just the midfield we replace ?
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    Objects on the pitch how bizarre

    Think I’ve seen most things on Griffin park pitch but never a coconut how did a fan get into the ground with the object on himself ??? It could of been a bomb ffs Scottish f/a this needs checking
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