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    Fact is we could have as many as 11? games in cup competitions/non league games this season at home or at Wembley. Some of it Pie in the sky, some of it definite, some of it not unlikely and crowd numbers uncertain. The club needs to have a plan. A plan. One off cup scheme based on ST...
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    London Irish Fans

    I'm not one of them but make no mistake this would have seriously irritated a small minority.
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    FA Cup 2020/21 (General Discussion)

    Chorley or Marine away please :cry:
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    Non Brentford Games Attended 2020-21

    Main issue is that so many of the top non elite leagues have tier 3 teams in them. Think Chertsey's league may be the one exception out of the 11 step 3/4 leagues. They've said all along that they won't play without fans and of course now you have the headache of no booze sales without meals in...
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    Fans Back in Stadiums from Dec 2nd

    Based on fag packet calculations and given that we had just over 2800 ST holders in 2013/14 promotion year I reckon you'd be pretty unlucky to not get offered the chance of a ticket for the first game if you've had a ST from then until the present.
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    England Cricket Tour of SA

    Expecting a routine chase down from possibly the best top six to ever play a t20 game? :sneakoff:
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    League Cup QF Newcastle (H) Dec 22nd 5:30pm KO

    Reckon we'd shift 2000 tickets for this. Ballot for the league games, TAPs for this please ;)
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    iFollow refunds

    Yep. Very quickly after email.
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    FA Cup 2020/21 (General Discussion)

    At least 9 non elite clubs through to the first round proper. Be great if as many as possible got home draws. Skelmersdale Utd (Step 5) Cray Valley PM (Step 4) Canvey Island (4) Malden & Tiptree (4) Marine (4) Banbury Utd (Step 3) South Shields (3) FC Utd of Manchester (3) Hayes & Yeading (3)
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    Non Brentford Games Attended 2020-21

    Very much my experience at the 7/8 different grounds i've been to so far this season. Spirited efforts from volunteers to get people through turnstiles and run bars etc but generally speaking NL football is about as 'normal' as it gets. If you really need to go for a beer at half time, turn up 1...
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    FA Cup 2020/21 (General Discussion)

    Notts County have pulled out of the FA cup due to rising number of Covid cases in their squad. First team to win it outside of top flight 1894
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    FA Cup 2020/21 (General Discussion)

    3 more games to go tonight Skelmersdale Utd are the only surviving Level 9/Step 5 team (Chatham play later away at Havant) Level 8/Step 4 teams through (Marske Utd will have a go later v Blyth Spartans) Sholing Cray Valley (Paper Mills) Canvey Island Bury Town Cambridge City Ilkeston Town...
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    Hayes and Yeading United

    No idea mate
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    Hayes and Yeading United

    0-0 away v Beaconsfield yesterday. (Att 252, aways 100ish. Chaps 0 home, 15 away £10/£6 entry. Beer £2.60 a pint across the board which I assume was a mistake. Took advantage. They gave up on Covid protocols half way through half time) H&Y were good in the first half but didn't score...
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    Non Brentford Games Attended 2020-21

    Monday 21st September Beaconsfield 0 v 2 Harrow FA Cup 1st Qualifier Rams returning to Monday night home action is an absolute touch. Attendance about 250 which is massive for Beaconsfield. The place was "rocking". Plenty up from Harrow (150 minimum) whose first game was at Truro in the...
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    Non Brentford Games Attended 2020-21

    Flackwell Heath 0 v 3 Cirencester FA Cup preliminary Att 150ish?? (Decent for them but if you can't get people to this then when can you?) Entry £6/£3 Beer £3.50 Rebellion Smuggler pint. Can't have alcohol in view of the pitch for FA cup games. Non league clubs LOVE telling you this rule year...
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    London Senior Cup Final 2020 v Hendon (L 0-1)

    See Hendon have been allocated 200 tickets which go on sale tomorrow. Based on 400 capacity.
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    Video Tour of New Stadium

    Sure in the interview with Banana he said that he didn't know anything about it.
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    GONE Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa)

    Spurs will need back up for their extended Europa campaign. Potential 19 games to win it. League cup, FA cup almost a season in itself. Harry Kane can't play 70 games in a season
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    Worst You've Felt About Losing A Player

    Mark Ramprakash. Middlesex to Surrey. :cry: :sneakoff:
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