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    Team v Blackburn

    Hard to argue with that team really. I'd be tempted to play Jensen over DaSilva but even off form, he's hard to leave out. I agree that Forss is still probably our best option for the front 3 at this stage, although we may see Fosu start again.
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    Suggestion Bright Osayi-Samuel

    If it's a different club then the one you're part of, then sign me up! For the record, it's not after one game is it... we've seen him play before.
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    Bees v Blackburn predictions....

    I’d take a draw from this one, Mowbray always seems to know how to stifle us.... although we are slightly different this season, may work in our favour yet again.
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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    I think we got found out last season a bit. Press us high and subdue the football and we didn’t have a clue. I think we’re seeing a different side of Brentford this season, and a lot of credit has to go to TF and his coaching team. Even if we had Ollie and Said again this season, who’s to say we...
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    Mathias Jensen - Signs to 2023 (+1yr option)

    I dunno I thought he looked quite good tonight. JDS was off his game again though which didn't help.
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    Sergi Canos - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    His touch is appalling, but as long as the efforts still there it might happen for him, not sure though.
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    Post Match Thread Rotherham 0-2 Brentford

    Rotherham wont go down playing like that. It's not pretty but more than matched us in the first half with their tactics. I can't remember seeing that many fouls from the opposition in a long time? Second half I enjoyed a lot more although as many have said, we're not at our best right now... or...
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    Suggestion Bright Osayi-Samuel

    What a crap comment. Might as well shut the forum then while we're at it? No point discussing it because we're not qualified 😂
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    Suggestion Bright Osayi-Samuel

    Wouldn't this be sweet? From what I understand from the general thread, he's not got long left on his contract and QPR may be open to offers. I think if we have him in a front 3 with Toney and Bryan, we would be more of a direct threat. Any chance?
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    Team v Rotherham

    I'm so pleased you said that, I see I can watch it in Singapore at 8am too, perfect.
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    Team v Rotherham

    Why's he not ready for 90 mins yet? He's been here a couple of months now? I feel like it's a good game for him to start for sure, even if he doesn't last the 90.
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    General General Transfer Discussion

    Wow I didn’t know they accepted 5mill, and also that he’s only got 6 months to go on his contract. I think he’d be a cracking signing actually, but I don’t see QPR selling him to us.
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    Henrik Dalsgaard - Signs to June 2021

    They'll want at least 15 mill for him, we couldn't afford him
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    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    Have to admit I was impressed with QPR, probably the best they've looked in 10 years. Having said that, we again weren't at our best and I think deserved winners in the end. Mads probably should have seen red, but I think their defender could have also been sent off for 2nd yellow first half...
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    Post Match Thread Barnsley 0-1 Brentford

    I guess it's easy to say after seeing the replay isn't it. Who'd want to be a referee?
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    Post Match Thread Barnsley 0-1 Brentford

    100% not a penalty, in fact, if he had moved his hand to get out of the way of the ball and it still hit, it may actually have been given! Wish it would just be as clear cut as "deliberate hand ball".
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    Sergi Canos - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    Let's hope Fosu gets a few games in the team and Canos comes back with a vengeance having been taken out of the firing line.
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    Tariqe Fosu - Signs to June 2023

    Let’s give him a run in the side!
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    Team vs Barnsley

    We’ve bought him mate, the loan part means nothing. Hopefully he’ll find his feet soon , still early days
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    Sergi Canos - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    I think we've been watching 2 different players, but agree to disagree and I also do not like to any abuse he's been getting on twitter, that's deplorable. :sorted:
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