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    London Irish Fans

    How would everyone had felt had the egg chaser fans been the first in to the new stadium should they have had the first post lockdown match? I would have felt somewhat peeved.
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    London Irish Fans

    Can you imagine how we would have felt had London Irish got their fans in to the new stadium first if they had the next match after restrictions lifted.
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    Bees retain Record

    Following Liverpool’s 1 - 1 draw at Anfield today with Burnley, it means the Bees remain the only team to win all their home league games in a season, for another season.
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    Has GP seen its final first team match?

    It would be interesting if the club could release in broad brush terms the details of the contractual arrangements that they have in place relating to the hand over of GP for redevelopment. Whilst the arrangement could be renegotiated if necessary, we must appreciate...
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    Stewarding Tender

    I see on the official site that the club are advertising for companies who provide stewards for matches to tender for Lionel Road. The club have included what they term a tender document! Well, having looked at that document I just hope that is not what they are going to rely upon. This...
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    Preston North End away

    Anyone know why this is on a Wednesday rather than a Tuesday night?
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    London Irish to Play at New Community Stadium?

    I see that the London Irish Planning Application to play rugby matches at the new stadium has been approved by Hounslow Council. Not sure what it will do for the pitch after seeing the state of some of the shared use stadia following all of this wet weather recently.
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    New Finance Director

    See we have appointed a new Finance Director. One of his previous roles is quoted as being at ITV Digital. Hope that was not the same organisation that went bust and then left the football league clubs without the fee they had been promised for TV rights?
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    New Road entry arrangements

    I see the club have posts on the OS with confirmation that Saturday' s fiasco at the turnstiles will continue till the end of the season. I have no issue but the lack of communication on Saturday was clearly a huge mistake and caused many people to miss the KO. However, as they have separate...
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    Bristol Rovers New Ground

    I see that The new Bristol Rovers stadium in Frenchay now looks a goer now that a Sainsbury store had been approved for the Memorial Ground site. The new ground looks like it will be named the: UWE STADIUM. See:
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    Japanese Ref for FA Cup Tie

    Looks like we'll make history on Saturday when a Japanese Ref from their JLeague will take charge of our tie against Basingstoke (or Basildon as Mr G likes to call them!!!) I cannot recall a Ref from outside the UK (perhaps even England?) taking charge of an FA Cup or League game before. The...
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    Home Office Football Disorder Stats

    A quick glance at the stats would suggest we shared the lowest arrest record (5) with the Cobblers for Div 1 for last season. The full document can be found here. Happy reading!!! :D
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    Lee Thorpe in Disguise?

    Is this Lee Thorpe in disguise after his sending off?
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    Season Ticket Anomaly

    Only a minor point but, perhaps, sums up how lax things are at BFC? At the front of the new ST booklet is a page of T&Cs. One states that the Season Ticket IS TRANSFERABLE between the same category of user that it was issued to (and I assume cheaper categories to?) However, every single...
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    Johnstone's Paint Trophy Round 2 Draw (away to Nottm Forest)

    Apparently, unlike previous seasons and the first round draw, the draw for the 2nd round is not Saturday on Soccer AM but is later this morning. No info on BFC OS or FL OS, but Tranmere have a mention on their OS linked through from the FL OS. Rumour is that draw is at 10.30 am behind closed...
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    You do not need to talk to the individual candidates as it is the Leader and the prospective Committee Chairs that pull the strings. And generally they will have already set the party line and will know what they are prepared to support or oppose; help or hinder!
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    Charlton Tickets: Discussion, Questions etc.

    The ticket information is now available on the OS. You will need to open the Ticket Schedule link to see when you can purchase a ticket depending upon your category. Only ONE ticket per person (not category) until 15 February, when position will be reviewed and if available a further ticket...
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    Rochdale cup game on or off

    Well, having seen the Bolton match last night and I understand still raining heavy in north west, I hope the Spotland drainage is up to scratch. Otherwise good chance of being postponed due to waterlogged pitch.
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