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  1. I'll Bee Damned

    Another bombshell!

    In a shock move there are rumours that, despite enjoying one of the most successful seasons on record, the owner of the Griffin Park Grapevine, a chap called Banana, is set to shake things up and move to a less traditional, continental approach to message boards focusing heavily on the use of...
  2. I'll Bee Damned

    Bees Team vs Blackburn

    Not seen this anywhere else so......... I'd go for one change Button Moses Craig Dean Jake Douglas Toums Jota Judge Pritchard Grey Bonham, Big Nick, Smith, Sam, Toral, Tarks, Dallas
  3. I'll Bee Damned

    Always the Bridesmaid???

    In recent memory we have be one of the wedding party at the main event many times only to go home with no one. We even spent most of last year's do being chatted up by the Best Man, until the final moments of the last dance when we made a mistake on the dance floor and he went off and kn*bed...
  4. I'll Bee Damned

    When all you can think about is................the Bees!

    It has got worrying. I noticed it just now but realised it has been going on for a while - I just hadn't seen it! Two things drew my attention to it. Firstly, you know when you get a tune in your head and then catch yourself singing/whistling it constantly? Well I have just realised I have been...
  5. I'll Bee Damned

    Chicken & Egg

    We all know that good, positive, vocal support lifts teams. We all know that what happens on the pitch can influence the mood of the crowd. So which should come first??? I am a firm believer that the crowd has the responsibility to set the atmosphere and therefore encourage the players to...
  6. I'll Bee Damned

    Happy Birthday Jockbee

    I know we can't have a thread for everyone's birthday but Jockbee is a bit of a legend on here wether starting matchday update threads or being first to post Bees related news from north of the border. 74 years young!! Keep up the good work Jockbee
  7. I'll Bee Damned

    What are your expectations for this club?

    The history of Brentford FC in the last 50 years is rooted in the lower leagues. I started watching the Bees in 1976 and have mostly seen them playing at this level with a few dips lower and one higher. With Mr Benham's support, a good board in place & a new stadium somewhere in the future...
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