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  1. PhilE

    Bees 50:50 Draws. Continuing During Lockdown?

    Have I missed something. Just been sent an email telling me "I'm in for the PNE Game". Have they decided to continue with matchday draws even though there are no matchdays? At least they were right with the "You're In!" statement.
  2. PhilE

    LR Seat Maps - From LI Ticket Site

    Assume they are the same for us. The colours are their price bands so you can ignore them. LI are not selling the upper East and West so cannot give those. Will post by block with Seat Numbers. Starting with North Stand Left to Right...
  3. PhilE

    Blackburn (H) 22 Feb (M4 Closure 4b/5)

    For anyone coming from the West - be advised M4 is closed from Friday evening to Sunday Morning for Bridge demolition.
  4. PhilE

    FAC3: Stoke - Do we actually want to win

    Hopefully I am not stepping over a line here and am only saying what many of us are thinking - a few have alluded to it in the prediction thread - but...How many of us actually want to win this? I know the arguments about the magic of the cup and all that but surely if there was ever a 'first...
  5. PhilE

    Swansea - Boxing Day. Lift From Camberley area required!

    Went into London today and came back to a caved in back window. Nothing insurance wont fix and normally would just be a minor inconvenience but with no trains on Boxing Day has scuppered our plans to get in for the match, as dont want to park in Brentford with the car not secure. Is there...
  6. PhilE

    Worst PL / EFL Club Forums

    Every time I use the GPG I am reminded of not only how good a club and the fans are but also how lucky we are to have such a well organised and structured forum and a group of mods that strive to keep it that way...(right that's the sucking up done). I am then reminded when visiting other...
  7. PhilE

    Commemorative Blue Kit (Millwall(H))
  8. PhilE

    Brentford Women's Team(s)

    Being International Women's Day and reading through the other thread on Women's inclusivity I realised how little I knew about the Bees Women's Team and indeed how little I ever saw it mentioned - a quick scan of the OS reveals that not a single news story on the Women's team has been published...
  9. PhilE

    Baseball - Red Sox vs Yankees in London

    So I see MLB is following NFL across the pond with a two game series next June. Personally of the three major US sports this is the one that excites me the most and will be hoping to get tickets. Further Information Here
  10. PhilE

    New Stadium - North Stand

    So far we have seen the South Stand rise up and the foundations for the East and West stand are clearly visible. However the North Stand, had very little presence, despite originally it being stated that it would be the second stand started. It is a simpler structure certainly but I had...
  11. PhilE

    Brentford Policing Costs

    There was an item in the Standard last night that caught my eye regarding the cost of policing London clubs matches and the percentage charged to the clubs - which is only for policing inside the ground. Article Here Do you think we, or others pay their fair share. Should we or Premier League...
  12. PhilE

    New Stadium Consultation Group: ALL the Minutes

    Wanted to remind myself of subjects discussed but it took a bit of finding. For reference the minutes are: Meeting One - 14th October 2017 Meeting Two - 2nd December 2017 Meeting Three - 10th February 2018 Meeting Four - 17th March 2018 Meeting Five - 21st April (Minutes TBC)
  13. PhilE

    Premier League TV Packages from 2019/20

    Sorry - couldn't find another thread - move if already raised. Matches at 19:45 on Saturday. Amazon may get involved. Package A: Saturdays at 12:30 (32 matches) Package B: Saturdays at 17:30 (32 matches Package C: Sundays at 14:00 and eight matches on Saturdays at 19:45 (24 matches) Package...
  14. PhilE

    Family Day: Mon 31st July 2017

    This years event is on Monday 31st July at GP from 3pm. A little disappointed that this cannot be on a Saturday (I guess friendlies make this difficult) but may make the effort with junior this year.
  15. PhilE

    Championship Teams - 2017/18

    With Wednesdays result today we are 'mathematically' excluded from the promotion race and we know the first three teams that will definitely be in the Championship next year: Barnsley Brentford Sheffield United (promoted from League 1)
  16. PhilE

    Football League Tonight

    Details of new Ch5 Show. Football League Tonight
  17. PhilE

    Griffin Park Memorial Garden

    Following the great news yesterday I found myself pondering the likely nature of the proposed Memorial Garden when GP is redeveloped. Was also wondering what other clubs have done that is similar and from which inspiration may be drawn. Found this statement from West Ham on the Upton Park...
  18. PhilE

    Ground Share if we reach Premiership before LR

    From This Thread I was thinking about this the other night after MB mentioned it and although us reaching Premiership in next couple of years may be wishful thinking it is by no means impossible. So it had me thinking a whole load of questions: It may well have been a quick off the cuff...
  19. PhilE

    Junior Bees Day - Brighton Game

    Haven't seen anything posted so in case people are not aware and can be further pleased at what a great family club we are..... My son received a letter promoting the Junior Bees day out for the Brighton game on 13th of September. Key points: First 24 replies are flag wavers or clappers Group...
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