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    Is 'The Brentford Community Stadium' the permanent name for our new stadium?

    No one’s going to sponsor anything until the acoustics inquiry is complete. Who are/were the ghostly 200? Could they be fitters, trapped in the nethers of the stadium during 1st lockdown? Maybe an eerie combination of trains, drains, planes and Friday night traffic, or not. Wind, I reckon, will...
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    Land opposite LR

    Is it fully occupied now BFC are in there? If so, couldn’t it just be property coys. juggling portfolios?
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    London Irish RFC and the Brentford Community Stadium

    I think we’d get more. Don’t base any estimates on what Wet Spam pay...
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    Is 'The Brentford Community Stadium' the permanent name for our new stadium?

    Sorry. Wasn’t criticising the sentiment, but the length. Should’ve chosen a different example.
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    Is 'The Brentford Community Stadium' the permanent name for our new stadium?

    For comparison, how many QPHa fans refer to The Prince Whatsit Foundation Stadium? I bet most still call it LoftArse Rd...
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    Some More New Pics of the New Stadium (11th July)

    None of that talk please. Too many young people likely to be in the vicinity.....
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    Griffin Park Way - Latest Picture

    We should all take them for a pre-match parade around town on Friday, first. A symbolic (sort of) re-marking of our territory/ies after being tainted by Putney.
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    This Website

    Derby got first dibs on Wayne Rooney? I saw that there’s 3.4m+ posts on here, which might take a lot of ‘doing’ if something was to be ‘done’. No wonder ‘Nana had GPG Towers built on the Grand Scale....
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    Pop Up BFC Shop and General Outlets Outside Stadium

    No, the other bus stop is having a micro-brewery.....
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    First Pictures from Inside Lionel Road Stadium

    Yes, but you’ll get a full refund, and first dibs in the ticket exchange....
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    LR Seat Maps - From LI Ticket Site

    I assume from those figures that Irish never used all the MadStad then?
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    2020-21 Season Ticket Sales - Progress Updates

    When you see the range of ridiculous road names that do get approved, I’m amazed to learn that the Council actually has a policy! Reading that, a simple ‘Away End’ or the more aspirational ‘Away End Cross’, will never happen... ( I suppose a ‘Hearts Bypass’ wouldn’t get through Edinburgh either.)
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    2020-21 Season Ticket Sales - Progress Updates

    ‘Shirley Way’ it is, then...
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    New Stadium Capacity (now c.17,800)

    Unofficially, it’s the propensity to fart whilst standing co-efficient...
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    2020-21 Season Ticket Sales - Progress Updates

    Yep. West is best and sorted this morning. Sorry in advance to my new neighbours....
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    New Stadium Capacity (now c.17,800)

    Now that definitely has restricted views, it says so on half the tickets!
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    Opening ceremony?

    Plurals, not apostrophes? ( Confucius rains....) Assumed to be hairy. Devilishly handsome though, if hirsute.
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    Opening ceremony?

    He was always a heartbreaker....
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    Opening ceremony?

    In due course, this will feature quite highly in my list of questions for St. Peter...
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    Opening ceremony?

    As long as you stump up her usual appearance fee, together with associated costs ( security & transport, slap-up meal, flowers & wet paint), then she’ll be there! Bung her a bit extra and she might even get the Stadium Opening Parachute out of mothballs. She’d probably only stay until half time...
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