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    Talking about the WC..etc...

    Out on their feet though weren’t they? Not only the heat & altitude but quite a few had food poisoning IIRC. Lots of dubious goings on in the America’s then. Remember Bobby Moore & the trumped up jewellery theft? Columbia pre-WC friendly wasn’t it?
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    World Cup Quarter Finals

    Having proved last time out, that cheats never prosper ( eventually! Thanks Mum), there’s a distinct possibility that a football match might break out tomorrow. I think we’ve been guilty of underestimating the Swedes in the past, but everyone seems to be saying that won’t happen this time...
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    Best World Cup

    Earliest recollection ( just about ) was Chile '62 - Pele & Co. Black & White pictures & I suspect Newsreel footage in that pre-satellite age. As a football mad 10 year old, '66 at home will never be beaten though. Jimmy Greaves was my idol, and at his peak - " why does Ramsay keep playing Hunt...
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    Best World Cup

    See Thread Title.... George Best never got N.Ireland to a WC finals. ‘82 was their first in many years, & even the great GB was past it then.
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