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  1. J

    Bees v Blackburn predictions....

    Oliver Langford in charge, so anything could happen! Mind, he’s already had this weeks shocker, so it might be a decent game.
  2. J

    Post Match Thread Rotherham 0-2 Brentford

    Zamburek it is, then!
  3. J

    Post Match Thread Rotherham 0-2 Brentford

    Hopefully they’ve got enough about them this time to beat 3 others to the drop.
  4. J

    Post Match Thread Rotherham 0-2 Brentford

    Agree with most of the above. For once, decent reffing away from home (Robinson?). Their sending off was inevitable 2nd half, as the cards continued to flow in our favour. Much like the course of the game overall. I wish IT would take more than one and a half steps in his penalty routine. I get...
  5. J

    Final Score Rotherham 0 - 2 Bees (Forss, Toney(p))

    I’ve been quite impressed by Ladapo, this season. Be interesting to see how he goes tonight- hopefully not too well! Sad to see that FloJo can only get on their bench, his best days were with us.
  6. J

    NEWS Brentford v Middlesbrough FA Cup R3. 8/9/10/11 January 2021

    I was thinking more of it just being a Post Script at the end.... “Middlesbrough beat Brentford 5 - 4 on penalties, after an unremarkable 120 minutes ended 0 - 0.”
  7. J

    Team v Rotherham

    Agreed. Sergi mistimes tackles better than anyone else at the club. I’d like to see Stevens at some stage tonight, before crowds get back again.
  8. J

    NEWS Brentford v Middlesbrough FA Cup R3. 8/9/10/11 January 2021

    You’re guaranteeing some highlights, then?
  9. J

    Brentford v AFC Bournemouth Sky TV NOW 30 Dec 20 5:30pm kick off

    Blimey! I know games have to be packed in, but a double-header’s a bit much.... Just time for a cuppa between games - Henrik will never manage them both....
  10. J

    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    It’s called rotation, and just about feasible using all 5 subs. They all get Monday off.
  11. J

    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    It was a totally different game pre-war. Imagine being top of the league now having only won 50% of the games etc... Didn’t ‘Nana have something running on the Supercomputer a while back? Projected us winning everything for the next 1000 years, or maybe that was my dreamworld?
  12. J

    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    Maybe he’s got the biggest?
  13. J

    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    Long way to go yet. Maybe we can petition the EFL for them to play all their games on Friday nights?
  14. J

    Final Score Barnsley 0 - 1 Brentford (Toney)

    Actually looking forward to seeing him starting a game. Seems to have played more for Ghana than us recently....
  15. J

    Post Match Thread Wycombe 0-0 Brentford

    Surely not an unexpected result when we’ve worn whites again, for some reason?
  16. J

    Bees v Boro predictions....

    That was when Woodgate had them actually playing football for the first time in years. Keeping Saville quiet seems to be the key this season. Do so and Colin Ken Corniwal....
  17. J

    Final Score Bees 1 - 1 Swansea (Toney)

    Just about enough time to clean his boots in between....
  18. J

    Brentford v QPR (NOW Friday 27 November 7:45pm KO) Sky TV

    That’ll be when we go top of the league for a few hours then....
  19. J

    Bees v Swansea Predictions

    Game 10. Should be a decent game and a good measure of progress to date. Swans are up to 2nd (and seem to favour black shorts this season!) Last weeks opponents- Norwich -cruising in 4th...
  20. J

    Post Match Thread Luton 0-3 Brentford

    Just noticed. Nearly 5,000 pearls/ dribbles (delete as appropriate), posted by me on here. Apologies everybody!
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