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    Sunderland Match Report

    Tactical masterstroke by MA to give Mousinho the protection of the more defensive qualities of Tillen (compared to Rankin). They combined to keep Arca quiet all game - apart from his fluked goal(!) - so much so that Rankin & Tillen were able to switch to their 'correct' wings as the game unfolded.
  2. J

    Martin Allen talks after Chesterfield (H)

    I was screaming that it was in as well, but then I did have money on MT to score the first....( I figure he must score sooner or later, & MA seems to be working on this as well, reading his comments today).
  3. J

    Roof Gets a Makeover

    Did somebody get confused between "Qatarians"(?) & "Egyptians" when the latter were looking around GP at the start of the year?
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