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    Brentford B Team - Reports and Comments from Matches

    Southgate’s requested we make sure he’s available to standby?
  2. J

    Brentford B Team - Reports and Comments from Matches

    Our Scandi/Scottish team struggled with the heat & sun 1st half. Thankfully both had gone for the 2nd half & conditions improved for us attacking Ealing Rd. KOC had probably sorted them out too as we played 10-15 yds further up the pitch & a 4 man press on their defence for much of it. City had...
  3. J

    Man of the Match versus Hull City (H)

    Kamohelo. Best home game by some distance from him today. Thought Emiliano got better & better, the more the game went on, whether playing 9 or 10.
  4. J

    Brentford vs Barnsley Champagne Moments (Limited Options Available)

    Take the free City Centre bus next time. I was safe amongst the grannies & Zimmer frames...
  5. J

    Champagne Moment v Ra Ras

    Seen on their O/S just now. “Take your QPha experience to the next level.... Book now” - Ok, each to their own, I thought. However the photo comprises a table (and cloth), a patt of butter, salt and pepper, what appears to be 6 x scones and, 4 empty wine glasses!!! -Obviously designed to...
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    Champagne Moment v Ra Ras

    Did they? Hadn’t noticed. Must’ve been the W12 haircut he now favours... Realising how much our team/squad has grown & learnt this season. There was no way we were going to concede an equaliser, unlike at sheeps scrotum in the autumn. Winning The Derby AGAIN is becoming the norm ( 1 win in 8...
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    Bees v QPR Predictions

    Indeed. Talking about blooding 1, or possibly 2 youngsters. Mind you their O/S lists 5 defenders missing injured, suspended or sick! (probably decided it's a good one to miss...) I'll suggest he plays Smith at the back to take on our behemoth attack & help Jake out.....
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    QPR (H) 15:00 ko Sat April 21st Confirmed NOT ON TV

    Oy! Nothing wrong with Harrow Borough! If there was such a thing as a Dead Cert, it would be that they finish 15th in Ryman 1, or whatever it's called now, every year. Players come and go, similarly, Managers from time to time. Never seems to make any difference! Active social calendar &...
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    Champagne moment V Fulham

    Putney subbing their sub (Kebano) at the end. We knew he’d run out of ideas then & could kick on... I loved the little ball boy running onto the pitch to give the ball to Dan or Yoann. I think his mum must have told him not to get his shoes muddy, so he thought he’d stick to the green stuff...
  10. J

    FT: B Bees 4 - 0 Anderlecht

    I actually thought Edobor was our best defender last night. Vastly improved since I last saw him. ( When, if ever, did we have 2 x Centre Backs who are predominantly left-footed?) 1st looks at Oksanen & Coote, both impressive in different midfield roles. Set pieces aside, I expected a bit more...
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    Team vs Fulscum

    I think a local derby atmosphere will be ideal for Maupay to thrive on, come Saturday, and with recent goals in him too. If FloJo isn’t fit then a case could be made to play both Henrik & Clarke on the right side, to limit their wonderkid’s room for manoeuvre. I know we don’t normally set out to...
  12. J

    THEM (fulham) v Bees predictions....

    After the last week it can only be 0 - 1 to us! ........can’t it?46093916
  13. J

    Forest (A) Predictions

    Flippers & snorkels... 0 - 2 (Sawyers, a daisy-cutting Exocet & Maupay with a trickled from 8yds).
  14. J

    Man of the Match v Ipswich (H) - 07.04.18

    Somehow he seems to play umpteen times better away from home.
  15. J

    Bristol City v Bees predictions....

    Monsoon + Mr Stroud = ? 9 - a - side draw perhaps?
  16. J

    Team for Brizzle

    I agree that we should mix it up a bit to keep them all on their toes ( no wins in 4, 1 win in the last 6). City have slipped recently, currently 7th, & we could exacerbate their own Play Off jitters by really going for it. City are strong on the wings, and I’d like to see us try Barbet & Clarke...
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    Brentford B Team - Reports and Comments from Matches

    I’d be wary of having too much experience playing in the “B” team, unless it’s mins for the returning injured eg Judge.Playing too many would hark back to say the 40’s & 50’s, with ‘Reserve Team’ players, but no defined pathway.
  18. J

    Brentford B Team - Reports and Comments from Matches

    I didn’t realise he’s still that young. I did say “some”, and should probably have left it like that, without names!
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    Brentford B Team - Reports and Comments from Matches

    It would have been interesting to see what ManU made of a full strength Bees B team, bearing in mind 3/4 were away with their National teams! I think it’s been decided that Cole has a future with us, it’s really a question of keeping him fit long enough to challenge the 1st team. Westbrooke, is...
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