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  1. J

    B team v Chelsea U23s Thurs 12th Nov 12pm

    Did any Chelski kids impress?
  2. J

    B team v Leicester U23s Tues 3rd Nov 12pm

    Could be 3 even! I guess that clarifies the normal 1st team squad for tonight.
  3. J

    B team v Aldershot (1-0 FT, Trialist)

    Interesting that there’s still 2 x triallists on the scene.
  4. J

    This forum

    Ok then, thanks.
  5. J

    This forum

    Shows as “This forum” under my “What’s New”. Is this correct?
  6. J

    B-Team Production

    Probably the worst time for many, many years to be looking for employment, never mind the cut throat business of professional football.
  7. J

    Brentford B team competition

    I’m not aware of anyone we’ve signed this summer/autumn, not coming from or being released by, another club.
  8. J

    FT; Brentford B v Aldershot 2-3 (Triallist, Pressley)

    Surprised he found his way there for a Saturday much are they paying him, I wonder?
  9. J

    Brentford B v Bromley FC (A) - 3rd October 2020 1pm

    Just noticed on a trundle round the o/s, that all last season’s scorers in this game have left the club! (Yearwood [3], Hardy, Onen and Field.)
  10. J

    London Senior Cup Final 2020 v Hendon (L 0-1)

    Did he get the name before or after his ‘exhibition’? NMc seems to have whittled it down to 3 triallists now. If they’ve been around for a few weeks, then they must be fairly close to signing, no?
  11. J

    Friendly at Hanwell Town (2-3 latest Pressley, Mogensen)

    Blimey! Better get the biro out.... 4 x Trialists start - do we need another GK? - Another 8 on the bench!
  12. J

    Pafos v Brentford B

    Do we know anything about the triallist that played yesterday? We’re obviously interested in him to have taken him on tour to Cyprus....
  13. J


    Harrow Borough? They must be out of all the cups by now, and I can’t recall waterlogged postponements, probably due to the slope!
  14. J

    Brentford B v Pc39 Academy

    Pressley i/view. He let’s slip that “Clarkie” put a lovely ball over for his goal. Has Josh got a younger brother?
  15. J

    B team v Hudds

    I’m starting to like little Majka.
  16. J

    B team v Hibs

    He might have a niggle or possibly a midweek game for his other team....
  17. J

    B team v Hibs

    Have I missed an announcement about not playing home games at Jersey Rd.? Did I see something recently about playing at Hanwell too?
  18. J

    London Senior Cup Final 2020 v Hendon (L 0-1)

    Mogs? It’s got to be ‘Gus’ or ‘Moggy’ surely? Good to see Mads (and Mads?) supporting their team on a bitterly cold night....
  19. J

    London Senior Cup Final 2020 v Hendon (L 0-1)

    Dru didn’t seem in too much pain, and was walking. Trying too hard and not quite fit? Mogensen. Who knows? I’ve got 50 years of Div 3 & 4 bias, and think all the current players are brilliant by comparison!
  20. J

    London Senior Cup Final 2020 v Hendon (L 0-1)

    Ice on the back of his thigh. Hopefully just a tweak and taken off as a precaution... 7 (seven) is becoming a good habit! Oksanen has an authority about him now at B team level. Mogensen and Brissett are impressing more and more every time I see them. I thought Miller did well in midfield when...
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