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    Bees to wear Blue for Play-Off Final

    Really? Celebrate GP and revive prevalent colours previous to R & W stripes.. (something like that.)
  2. J

    Play Off Final

    Colin Murray balanced this last night, by announcing that our squad’s PL experience amounts to Sergi’s 9 minutes for Liverpool!
  3. J

    FT: Bees 3 (Watkins, Marcondes, Mbeumo) - 1 Swansea

    Kavanaugh? Normally doesn’t give us anything!!! His name was noticeably absent from the radio commentary. Maybe he’s realised we’re a big team now?
  4. J

    FT: Bees 3 (Watkins, Marcondes, Mbeumo) - 1 Swansea

    Not too shabby for the only team in the play offs NOT in receipt of parachute payments... Thank you Griffin Park. Now gone, but never to be forgotten. Let’s just finish the job to complete the sendoff...
  5. J

    FT: Bees 3 (Watkins, Marcondes, Mbeumo) - 1 Swansea

    Phil Parry intrigued as to how Ayew’s ‘Head injury’ resulted in him limping off the pitch....
  6. J

    FT: Bees 3 (Watkins, Marcondes, Mbeumo) - 1 Swansea

    Always wondered who it was.... good of you to finally confess...
  7. J

    Brentford v Swansea 2nd leg predictions.....

    We’ve been all over him for at least 6m. Declan Posh denies it, which normally means he’s negotiating..... It’s July, and we tend to sign next season’s players in July. Must be unique that this season hasn’t yet finished though....
  8. J

    Brentford v Swansea 2nd leg predictions.....

    London v. ‘Enery? Kavanaugh ( 1 win in 7 attempts!) must owe us another, surely? Sian should be ok running 1 line, it’s the other 2 b*ggers that we need to be worried about!
  9. J

    Rico: Appeal Successful

    Comparing apples and pears. In the 60s, 70s and even early 80s, injuries generally involved plaster of Paris. Anything else was a niggle - pain killers and a couple of jabs in the affected area and hey presto! Ever present again....
  10. J

    Rico: Appeal Successful

    If they want witnesses (sounds a silly thing to say at an important match!) Then Phil Parry and Sam Parkin on R.London were both adamant that it wasn’t a foul, never mind a sending off.... Jensen could stir it (is that good?) with the revelation that the 4th Official was the REAL Ref, apparently....
  11. J

    Team vs Swansea (A) - PO Semi-Final First Leg

    What does Bielsa think it will be, I wonder?
  12. J

    Brentford vs Preston champagne moments

    Ollie’s volleyed backheel pass for Emiliano (?) What a great goal that could have been!
  13. J

    Derby (A) Champagne Moments

    The contrast between their results with and without him in the team, is striking. As to his passing, a cool head and he did actually have the assist for their goal. AFAIC recall, that was the only time he got into our penalty area though....
  14. J

    Bees v Preston predictions......

    I’m looking forward to seeing something I must’ve subconsciously wanted for years. Mr Stroud (4th Official) in a face mask!
  15. J

    Brentford v Charlton predictions

    Ah, yes, the ‘synchronised diving’. Hopefully they’ve worked on it a bit in the intervening months. Rather excessive having 2 collapse at the same time, albeit at opposite ends of the pitch! Only qualified them for the 1 injury time out....
  16. J

    Bees v WBA Predictions

    Mr Stroud has a decent game, seeing as there’s no crowd to perform to. He’ll be able to concentrate on their ‘sh*thousery’.
  17. J

    iFollow MatchDay Readiness and Troubleshooting

    Cheers, Ed. I thought it had to be something like that. Now, what I did, when I did it, and how not to do it again, is a different matter...
  18. J

    iFollow MatchDay Readiness and Troubleshooting

    Ha ha! I timed the gap. It was an exact commentary, 6 mins behind what was being said live, ie with the pictures. I didn’t want to jeopardise what I had by fiddling about, but the audio was running twice, 6 mins apart. Not a major problem really, as others had far greater worries. Just thought...
  19. J

    iFollow MatchDay Readiness and Troubleshooting

    I was most surprised that I was able to watch the whole game on my iPad. Beginner’s luck? The only downside was the weird duplicate commentary I had to endure. Much as I enjoy Mark’s dulcet and enlightening tones, hearing him repeat what had happened approx 6 minutes previously throughout...
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    Team v West Bromwich Albion

    Revolutionary! I’d still start with Raya.....
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