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    How to Watch HUDDERSFIELD (H) Online

    At this rate I don’t think I’ll hear ‘Hey Jude’ ever again! Up and running about 5mins into the game on iPad off of the o/s....’let’s try one last go at this’... 3 versions of the BFC App clogging up the thing and all the summer shenanigans seemingly totally irrelevant!
  2. J

    Cardiff City (A) 29 Feb 3pm Tickets on sale now

    08.02 from Reading has been delayed.... Now going no further than Cardiff Central because of flooding....
  3. J

    Stoke City (A) - (Date/KO Time: TBC)

    Neither was mine!
  4. J

    Stoke City (A) - (Date/KO Time: TBC)

    I love the idea of a steak at the pneultinate game!
  5. J

    Barnsley (H) - Members (750+ TAPs) ON SALE

    I dunno about Downbeat, that sounds positively masochistic!
  6. J

    Barnsley (H) - Members (750+ TAPs) ON SALE

    Is there any possibility it could be made a ‘test event’ for the overspill? Ie beam GP to LR. Unlikely to be a sellout there, but Bees would still be able to feel part of a momentous day, and glimpse the future.
  7. J

    Charlton Athletic (H) 10 April (Good Friday) ko 3pm (tbc)

    It’s Sky, so actual fans preferences won’t affect the kickoff time in any way, shape or form....
  8. J

    Boat for Fulham Away - Cancelled due to Date Change

    Need to check out the boat beforehand for a Friday night. Otherwise you might find fish suppers and a disco included....
  9. J

    Hull City Away - 1st Feb KO 12:30 on Sky

    Just under Kingston....
  10. J

    Blackburn (H) 22 Feb (M4 Closure 4b/5)

    Too dangerous. Someone put the M25 figures somewhere on here today(?). Horrendous.
  11. J

    Nottingham Forest and Tickets and Exchanges

    That’s been around for years. Certainly before the last couple of ground expansions, when it might have actually been harder to get a ticket. I wonder what percentage of ManUre STH’s are seniors? I imagine not many take up the option of senior prices, purely to keep the ticket ‘flexible’.
  12. J

    Huddersfield Away - Saturday 18th January

    Cheapest option I’ve come up with is my old standby of changing at Crewe. Bizarrely, it then takes me into Manchester Piccadilly (!) for the Huddersfield train....£30.50 rtn (Senior Railcard).
  13. J

    WBA (A) 21st Dec

    Hard luck. Your problem though is family in the Midlands - they can’t wait for an excuse to leave! Maybe invent something contagious, virulent, or both? Then they might prefer to postpone until the New Year?
  14. J

    WBA (A) 21st Dec

    I’d just add that we mustn’t score too early. It only wakes them up!
  15. J

    WBA (A) 21st Dec

    I guess it helps having the Chiltern Line at the bottom of the garden! Wycombe’s always a doddle too...
  16. J

    WBA (A) 21st Dec

    Just booked ChilternRail £4.25 each way, with PlusBus £2.25.... (Senior Railcard).
  17. J

    So...whats everyone doing for the game in W12 eh ?

    Something highbrow pm (Leighton House, V&A?), to offset the necessary later slums visit.
  18. J

    Football League Games moved for Sky TV - 2019/ 20 Season

    Well, we’ve got another 10 days off again, reading that lot.
  19. J

    Barnsley away

    Schwabisch Gmund Way!? It’d be interesting to hear the local pronunciation. Maybe the Town Planners were having a laugh and forgot to change it back to the correct name?
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