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  1. kevalutonbee

    Player Booked Twice by Ref at Same Time for Two Separate Incidents

    Anyone seen this before? I've seen two yellows in raid succession but never this quick
  2. kevalutonbee

    Robin Reliant

    All this talk about is BMW our best ever forward partnership made me think what was our worst? Is any time Murray Jones or Mark McCammon too obvious an answer?
  3. kevalutonbee

    So Who Do We Want To Leave The Championship

    Now we know it won't be us who would everyone like to see go up and down this season with Wolves and Sunderland Going up. Cardiff because it would be really funny seeing Colin get undone week after week Villa to beat Putney in the play off final Going Down Bolton Birmingham for obvious...
  4. kevalutonbee

    And You Thought Stewarding on Braemar Road Was Bad
  5. kevalutonbee

    NFL 2017-2018

    Well the new season officially started yesterday. And it started with a bang. The perennial cellar dwellers Cleveland did a deal where they have agreed to pay Houston $16 million for a draft pick and Houston agreed to chuck in a free Brock Osweiler. Closer to home Tony Romo didn't get...
  6. kevalutonbee

    Four Subs in the FA Cup ? Apparently as a trial, from the quarter finals onwards and as a counterbalance to doing away with quarter final replays teams will able to make a fourth substitution in extra time
  7. kevalutonbee

    Footballers In Trouble

    The old thread about footballers going to jail seems to have been closed so this needs a new home
  8. kevalutonbee

    DVD of the 2014/15

    Does anyone happen to know if there will be one and if so when is it likely to be released?
  9. kevalutonbee

    Alex Pritchard

    Seems Alex has made it into the final squad for the U21 Championships.:sorted: Shame there is no room for Bamford though:pop:
  10. kevalutonbee

    Mark Warburton

    All those saying the club had made no comment on Mark Warburton's departure I refer you to the O/S
  11. kevalutonbee

    Twelve months ago today.....

    Alan Judge scored the penalty that got us into the Championship. How many of us thought that twelve months later we have a chance to be in the play offs to get to the land of milk and honey after a season of generally outstanding football and the relationship we all thought was rock solid would...
  12. kevalutonbee

    More footballers in trouble with the law
  13. kevalutonbee

    Jake Bidwell signs permanently (according to BeesPlayer on mobile devices)

    Old thread was closed so I wonder how long this one will last Everton site is reporting Jake's youth loan has been extended for a further month until April 6th
  14. kevalutonbee

    FA Cup Round 4

    Am I the only one who thinks quite a few of the clubs around us in the table getting through to Round 4 and one of them guaranteed Round 5 is good news for us. Their players get distracted by the lure of the cup and the longer they stay in the more the fixtures pile up
  15. kevalutonbee

    Daftest Penalty Ever Given Away? Wasn't sure whether to start a new thread or put it in the You Tube one
  16. kevalutonbee

    Wonder What Stuart Atwell Would Have Done?
  17. kevalutonbee

    Do you reckon our midfield could do this?
  18. kevalutonbee

    There wasn't any football on Saturday....

    Somebody in my office just asked me how "Brentie" got on at the weekend. That was bad enough but then followed it up with "Was there any football at the weekend because nobody mentioned the Premiership?" To me this sums up what the media would like us to believe ie that the only football that...
  19. kevalutonbee

    Andrew Mills appointed new CEO

    Sorry for being a bit of a dimwit but what role does Andrew Mills fill in the management structure?
  20. kevalutonbee

    Pats v Buccs @Wembley

    Having found my self with two PIN codes for the ticket free for all that is now taking place I now have a spare code, anybody want it?
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