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  1. beebopalula

    Bees v Blackburn predictions....

    IMO this will be e real challenge for us. Mowbray has always caused us problems. The key will be our defending. Another clean sheet required and nick a chance.. Another grinder.
  2. beebopalula

    Tariqe Fosu - Signs to June 2023

    Although it was a good cross leading to first goal and he moved forward well on occasion IMO he was weak defensively, gave the ball !way too often and what was that lark with throw ins? He isn't the answer.
  3. beebopalula

    Post Match Thread Rotherham 0-2 Brentford

    Another grinder but that's how you get promotion. Solid defence and take a chance when it comes. You will maybe get 10 great performances out of 46. The rest will be like this.
  4. beebopalula

    NEWS Brentford v Middlesbrough FA Cup R3. 8/9/10/11 January 2021

    Warnock is the antichrist of football. Every team he has managed has been awful to watch. Sadly it's been successful below prem level. I won't be watching this. I just hope we despatch them.
  5. beebopalula

    IMPORTANT Issues with iFollow for STHers etc.

    Loads of buffering again. It's getting on my nerves. Using chrome hasn't made any difference. Good job l don't pay for it or l wouldn't bother.
  6. beebopalula

    Mark Warburton

    For me the standout issue with Warbs is that he hasn't evolved his tactical nous one bit. They looked good on the ball but created little. Even their goal was poor defending by Dalsgaard who was ball watching. He has no concept of how to defend properly and doesn't seem to think it's important...
  7. beebopalula

    Bryan Mbeumo - Signs to June 2024

    Better performance. Hopefully he will move on in form.
  8. beebopalula

    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    Ground that out due to excellent defensive performance. Only exception was their goal where Dalsgaard was ball watching naughty boy.QPR are a decent side and will be in the top half. We badly need to sort the wide attackers out. Fosu was ok but not the answer. We need Ghoddos to do his thing MOM...
  9. beebopalula

    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    Simply ball watching. Dalsgaard should know better
  10. beebopalula

    Final Score Latest: Brentford 2 (Janelt, Toney) v QPR 1

    Bryan still there. If anyone needs a rest it's him.
  11. beebopalula

    Diego Maradona

    Have a look at you tube. Pele the best for me. Look at his wiki page too. But as you say its opinions. No doubt about Maradona's skill but the negatives outweigh them for me.
  12. beebopalula

    Diego Maradona

    Forget the exhibition goals and concentrate on the 500 or so he scored for Santos in around 400 games when the oppo were trying to kick sh*t out of him in every game. Please don't tell me the top League in Brazil was weak cos it wasn't. There's plenty of video to show what he could do including...
  13. beebopalula

    Diego Maradona

    Used as an energy enhancer. So a bit like my dextrosol tablet.
  14. beebopalula

    Diego Maradona

    I'll leave that observation to those who have more knowledge than me. Maradona looked a tad fired up in the world cup. I thought he was going to eat the camera.l have only taken dextrosol sugar tablets when l was eight.
  15. beebopalula

    Diego Maradona

    And clean and better than Diego. Read Pele's wiki and you see the facts.
  16. beebopalula

    Diego Maradona

    He had great talent but the trouble is his performances were drug assisted. Could he have done what he did without assistance? Bit like allowing an athlete to retain medals after drug cheating.
  17. beebopalula

    Potential problems driving to the new Stadium

    Looks like l made a good move in moving from boston manor in july. However this will cause me real problems as l will have to drive.Basically l will have to find a place to park elsewhere and tube it to South Ealing. I did encounter the chaos a couple of weeks back when l had to drive to ealing...
  18. beebopalula

    Vitaly Janelt - Signs to June 2024

    I don't see why we can't play Vitali and Norgaard in mid with Josh. Vitali is a box to box player and doesn't have to be restricted in a holding role. We would have a very physically strong mid that should be quite intimidating and quite abe to thread a pass..
  19. beebopalula

    Diego Maradona

    I shade it for Pele for vision and because his height made Pele a greater threat. Pele was also a gentleman and never assisted his performance with drugs.
  20. beebopalula

    Diego Maradona

    Arguably the best ever. Massive talent. Couldn't handle fame and wealth and spiralled into bad things. Familiar theme.
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