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    Tommy Higginson - Brentford FC - RIP

    Just seen on the Brentford site that Tommy has passed away.Bloody awful news ,I only saw him a few weeks ago in Morrisons (Brentford). RIP Tommy. A real Brentford legend.
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    John Mackie

    Yeah good luck with your stall John:rolleyes:
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    John Sitton - ex-manager of Leyton Orient :( Nothing to do with Mr Nelson but try the youtube link further down the page.:D Do you think Andy Scott manages like that?
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    The F.A.

    We have a team through to the 5th round of two of the competitions run by the F.A. and yet one of their employees ,a bloke called Eriksson, has never heard of Brentford. I also believe it is their duty to finish the new Wembley stadium in time for the cup final (just in case we make it ).
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