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  1. beebopalula

    Steve Bruce

    He's done it again. New manager at Wednesday. How he manages to get the gigs is beyond me.
  2. beebopalula

    3.15 kick offs

    Just a thought but does anyone know why we used to kick off at 3.15 on Saturdays in the 50 and 60s? I think we stopped it in the 70's but memory is failing me.
  3. beebopalula

    Blackburn vs Bees. Predictions

    Difficult. We looked spent after the Hull game. Missed Judge so a lot depends on whether he plays and our recovery. Blackburn have been ok recently but they don't score. Happy with a 0-0 or 1-1
  4. beebopalula

    Bees v Wolves predictions.

    Based on last week and Wolves defence , I can't see us getting anything. Sorry folks.
  5. beebopalula


    Lots of yellows today. Anyone keeping track of who is nearing a suspension?
  6. beebopalula

    The Premier League. What do you think?

    It's a great season :) and the possibility of making it to the Prem is there. Trouble is I find myself conflicted and wonder what others think. I really don't like the Prem at all. In fact I'd like it to implode. IMO it has done nothing but harm to football in this country and to the national...
  7. beebopalula

    Norwich vs Bees predictions.

    Bit early but so what. Sorry folks but I can't see us getting anything. Wasn't at Brighton so only saw the extended highlights. Our weakness should be obvious to all and sundry by now and was clear on the vid. Mind you I got the Brighton prediction wrong.:D A loss but I don't predict actual...
  8. beebopalula

    Wolves vs Bees predictions

    Sorry folks but a defeat for us. No score prediction.
  9. beebopalula

    Bees vs Blackburn predictions

    I think we'll draw this one.
  10. beebopalula

    Bees vs Derby predictions

    Difficult to see us getting anything. :(
  11. beebopalula

    Bolton vs Brentford prediction

    They have picked up under Lennon and were very unlucky not to get at least a point at Charlton. Sorry folks but it's a Bolton win for me.:(
  12. beebopalula


    Sorry if this is a duplicate but I think it merits a discussion. I have a concern that we need to be a bit more flexible tactics -wise. Warbs has said that plan B is to make plan A work. IMO that isn't good enough if we want to be above average in this league. The Sheff Weds manager said they...
  13. beebopalula

    Prediction Middlesborough vs Brentford

    To be honest I've no idea. They are doing well. We had a setback result wise. Hoping for a draw.
  14. beebopalula

    Team vs Notts County

    I think he will start with Button Mac Dean Craig Bidwell Diagouraga Douglas Forshaw Donaldson Grigg Judge Dean to save a poss yellow for Tarky, Grigg to rest Trotta. I expect Saville and Trotta to sub at some stage and then start vs Crawley.
  15. beebopalula

    Team vs Sheffield United

    Based on reports I'd go for Button Mac Tarky Craig Bidwell Douglas Forshaw Saville Donaldson Trotta Judge
  16. beebopalula

    Team vs Rotherham

    Some challenges here plus Dean is clearly not match fit. I'd start with Button Yennaris Tarky Craig Bidwell Forshaw Douglas McCormack Judge Trotta Donaldson They press hard and are physical so IMO we need the nasty man in mid.
  17. beebopalula

    predictions Carlisle vs Brentford

    They aren't good at home, they don't score many and like letting in goals. If we are serious contenders for an auto, we should come back with three points. The defeat last week should have focussed us. If we are going to have a kick in the backside, the best time for it is with 15 games to go...
  18. beebopalula

    Team vs Crawley

    IMO barring injuries the same as started at Shrewsbury. If Nico isn't fit then I'd rather put O'Connor at RB than bring Mac out of mid. Adam will have to wait but I'm sure he'll feature as a sub.
  19. beebopalula

    Team vs Preston

    One change for me. Sam for Harris. Sam has done exceptionally well after coming on as a sub and Harris seems to have tailed off. Harris could be more effective as an impact sub now.
  20. beebopalula

    Team vs Oldham

    Saturday will be fascinating from a number pf perspectives as it will reveal if there were different views on team lineups and tactics between Uwe and Warbs. Will we stick to 4-3-3 or revert to a more traditional 4-4-2 and will we persist with Mac at RB instead of Logan? What of the goalkeeping...
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