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  1. fencer/bee

    Programme for Tuesday ?

    Is one available ?
  2. fencer/bee

    Bright Osayi -Samuel

    Love to sign him from Qpr , not just because he is a very promising player at only 22yrs .. but to pi$$ off Qpr , and payback for stealing my hero Andy Sinton in 1989 :cry:
  3. fencer/bee

    The Tempestuous Curtain Call of a Tournament Destined to Fail: the Anglo-Italian Cup
  4. fencer/bee

    The Turnstile between the Royal Oak / Braemar rd

    The Turnstile between the Royal Oak / Braemar rd is it still there, not in use of course, did they rip it out ? as a kid we use to steam through there if the old fella wasn't on duty.
  5. fencer/bee

    Your First Bees Idol

    Not sure if has been done before, but mine was, John Joseph Graham.. a terrier in midfield played over 400 games for the Bees... better known as Jackie
  6. fencer/bee

    The reason we really won today thread

    For the first time this season i wore my LUCKY Brentford fc coat, After requests due to poor home form, I decided to dust it off and wear it and just to make sure I wore my lucky 7 hole cherry red DM;s if you wore any lucky clobber today please reveal your secrets
  7. fencer/bee

    Stone Slabs - Free to Collector

    Not sure if its been done before I have will have approx. 40 18x18 inch second hand slabs, once I take them up free to any gpg'er possible delivery if you grease my palm :D
  8. fencer/bee

    QPR at home - Now on Sky TV 30.10.15 at 7:45pm

    Looks like the scum are already dreaming of taking over GP (again) ?
  9. fencer/bee

    Boro fans booking Wembely hotels already ..hhmmmm

    Booking train tickets/ hotels / B&B early :nono: lets hope they get egg on their faces ;)
  10. fencer/bee

    Best Performance of the season so far?

    Been some great performances home and away, but Foolham for me , we owned them :sorted:
  11. fencer/bee

    Our Away end this season - Brook Road capacity.

    Has been cut to a total of 1530 ??? for this season.... when it was first built wasn't the capacity over 2200 :banghead: its not been changed as far as I know so why the decrease ?? :sad:
  12. fencer/bee

    Ffp money

    What happens with the fines collected from teams breaking the FFP rules ?.. is it shared amongst the rest of the teams that where disadvantaged ? also will we get a share of QPR's Parachute payment :confused:
  13. fencer/bee

    Players reaction to going up I know we got a youtube thread but felt this deserved its own !
  14. fencer/bee

    Brentford FC Community Sports Trust planning application video

    Watched it on the night at the civic centre and thought it looked good. but had time today to sit down and watch it again , well done who ever put this together, really puts it across what Brentford is all about, makes you feel proud to be a BEE. WELL DONE :sorted: If you get 5mins watch it...
  15. fencer/bee

    portable air conditioning unit.

    Any one use them at home ? .. can anyone recommend a make/brand what I should look out for, got a couple of hundred budget. thanks.
  16. fencer/bee

    Holiday villa in orlando/florida

    Looking to do a possible 2/3 week holiday in Orlando or surrounding area , close to the attractions , to be honest my head is spinning looking online, anyone got a villa to rent ?
  17. fencer/bee

    The doors this way ---------->

    That just about does it for me, towel well and truly thrown in, not being a drama queen, just cant do it anymore , goodluck to those that still believe you deserve it.
  18. fencer/bee

    Web Designer/Development

    Looking for some one/ company to either build me a new web site or manage my existing one... put pictures on for me , SEO , not a big site only 5 pages, anyone out there in the trade ?,, anyone use a decent company
  19. fencer/bee


    Dont mean this in a sexist way at all, with the GENTRY day yesterday the chaps looking smart, got me thinking next season the club might do a" LADIES DAY" where the ladies could put on their summer frocks , all ladies get Free Admission for the day.
  20. fencer/bee

    Record Gate Receipts?

    With 12,146 in attendance today this has to be a RECORD GATE RECEIPTS today :D
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