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    Random spotting of ex-players . . .

    Helping my brother move into his new apartment in Ascot some years ago, the guy next door introduced himself. It was Jay Tabb, playing for Reading at the time. There was only time for a quick "hello" as he was on his way out but he and my brother became friends and have kept in touch over the...
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    "A Celebration of Griffin Park" - In Full.

    Ok, I'll have a go.... 1. O’Mara and Docherty 2. Paul Evans v Preston 3. Alan Judge v Preston 4. Allan Cockram 5. Glenn Poole 6. Gordon Phillips 7. Marco Djuracin v QPR 8. Steve Phillips 9. Sam Saunders v Swindon 10. Robert Taylor 11. Dean Holdsworth 12. Clayton Donaldson 13. Tony Craig 14...
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    Great goals

    See post #29.....agreed!
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    Season 1991/92

    The Marcus Gayle "40 yarder" v Hull at home which was disallowed as it was in an indirect free kick Hull away.....fancy dress? Many other great memories
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    Great goals

    Just watching the 91/92 Rewind that has just popped up on You Tube. Lee Luscombe on his debut v Barnet....what a goal that was. One touch all the way down the pitch finished off by a diving header from the edge of the box.
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Football (etc.)

    Let's hope not.......especially as I just today bought my ticket to fly home for this game!
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    Bees Overseas Locations

    After more years than I care to remember in West Africa and the last 6 years in Indonesia, I now find myself in the Philippines
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    Champions of All Five Division Titles ???

    Burnley have won the old 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th division titles. They have also won the Championship
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    Great goals

    I've always like this one...Jota v Norwich. A classic breakaway but, apart from the great finish, I liked that Jota was in the RB position, 15 - 20m behind Odubajo when the Norwich move broke down and still caught play up ....from 50 seconds....
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    What miss by a Bees player do you remember most?

    Not sure why I remember this, but I believe that was/ could have been in the home game v Stoke in the 91/92 title winning season.....set up by Lee Luscombe (I think) who had earlier put us ahead with a great header
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    Robin Reliant

    Different "vintage" car......around 1980, me and my mate travelled to Plymouth in his Triumph Herald. It was a hot day, the car kept overheating and we kept on having stop to let it cool down. We arrived just after half time, we had missed a Len Bond penalty save but saw the winner from Jackie...
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    BFC Academy Alumni

    Our class of 89 didn't do to bad but we never got similar success subsequently. From memory, Ashley Bayes, Kelly Haag, Andy Driscoll, Paul Buckle, Rob Peters, Marcus Gayle and Jason Cousins (I'm sure there was one more) all played for the first team and had decent careers although I seem to...
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    Brentford 3-2 Millwall: Match Reports

    I actually feel this guy's pain.....some of his fellow supporters in the background are not so level headed though!
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    FT: Boro(A) (Boro 0 - 1 Bees (Watkins))

    If you continued watching iFollow, you will have seen the Woodgate interview where he talked about VAR and that their disallowed goals were "2 yards onside" and "never a handball". After he left the interview area, the camera kept rolling and the reporters were taking the piss a little, saying...
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    Bees v Birmingham predictions......

    Good news...the return of beenthere, Betty and Mr Singh's corner shop
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    Summer 2019 Window: CLOSED. (Outs to Europe can still happen though)

    I love the fact that, 45 years on, some of us of a certain age are still bitter about this
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    Pontus Jansson - Signs to June 2022 (+1yr option)

    38 years old according to the OS "get to know him" page....a bit older than our normal signings Pontus Jansson became our fourth summer signing as he arrived from Leeds United last night. The defender joins Thomas Frank's group on a three-year-contract for an undisclosed fee. Get to know more...
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    Managerial Thread 2018 / 2019

    Probably should have worded my post better...Cooper came on FOR Peterborough in that game Yes, I remember Batesy up the days of 2 subs, we had him and Billy Manuel on the bench. Did he come on for an injured Holdsworth?
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    Managerial Thread 2018 / 2019

    Not the same guy but the Steve Cooper you mention not only scored twice for Tranmere in the 1991 PO game but also scored 4 for Newport in their 5-2 win at GP only a few months before we then thrashed them 6-0 in the Freight Rover area final I remember him coming on a sub in the 1992...
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    Season Tickets: 2019/2020

    Bought mine today.....I understand all the reasons and that we must move on.... but....after all the years of going to GP with my dad (RIP) then my sons and now my grandsons also, I am not looking forward to the last game at home next season
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